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Suit Up

by Sarah on October 18, 2016, 2 comments

suit up // no longer greysuit up // no longer grey suit up // no longer grey suit up // no longer grey

suit- thrifted + DIY, shoes – Doc Martens, Asics, Topshop.


Long time no see.

I’m currently mid huge art project, mid applications, mid tests and quizzes and senior fall. It’s been wild. I’ve had to set No Longer Grey aside for a few weeks. But hey! New post! And, shameless plug, you can always check out my instagram for some new updates.

These are a collection of snapshots of my newest project. I bought the suit at a thrift store, and then edited it with a little help from my sewing machine. I will say, for any of you who haven’t worn a suit; it’s incredible. Highly recommend. I also highly recommend getting outside, especially if you live in the northeast of the US. It’s amazing out there.

The fair

by Sarah on October 3, 2016, 4 comments

fairgrounds// no longer grey fairgrounds// no longer grey fairgrounds// no longer greyshirt- local, shorts- American Apparel, shoes- CVS, backpack- DIY

Just a few quick fairground snaps. Sitting here, in the chilly October dusk, these photos seem a lifetime away. I remember being so hot that I thought I might faint, and there was dust everywhere because it hadn’t rained in a week. It was a pretty great day.

To B(ang) or…

by Sarah on September 27, 2016, one comment

bangs or not// no longer grey … not to bang? The eternal question. I’ve been seeing the look more and more. Meghan Hughes, Maddi Bragg, Arden Rose, Rian Phin… the list goes on and on. Who will be next? Michelle Obama (oh wait)? You? Me? It’s an epidemic! I’m certainly not immune to the charm of bangs. There’s such a je ne sais quoi quality about a well executed fringe. But bangs also lead to some unfortunate looks. So what’s your opinion? Are you feeling the itch to get bangs? Let me know in the comments!



by Sarah on September 17, 2016, 2 comments

goddess// no longer grey goddess// no longer grey goddess// no longer grey goddess// no longer grey goddess// no longer greydress- DIY, backpack- DIY, shoes- local

End of summer. You know?


by Sarah on September 9, 2016, 2 comments

fade// no longer grey fade// no longer grey fade// no longer greyshirt- thrifted, shorts- American Apparel, shoes- Converse

I was walking back from taking pictures at a different location (coming soon!) when I saw these steps. If you’re not a fashion blogger, here’s a secret- anything run down + sneakers = the dream. I typically find that locations that either look a little bit old (like these steps, or this barn), or super modern (like my all time favorite, the parking garage), make for the best shots. So these steps were a dream come true. Another dream come true? This shirt. It’s my current favorite orange, it’s SO soft, and it cost me $1.50. It’s worn just enough, and looks perfect with any and all denim.