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Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix

by Sarah on January 22, 2017, one comment

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix


The first show that I loved was Gossip Girl. It was my introduction to a world of clicky heels and dripping pearls, a portal into a world of opulence that is seldom achievable in real life. And as much as I love Serena and Jenny, I think we can all agree that Blair was the one who truly brought the sartorial knowledge to the show. Her headbands, bright tights and capes were truly iconic. She never looked understated, and from her I saw that sometimes, more is, well, more.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned a lot from TV shows and movies. That Voldemort really can be vanquished, that you should never decide to hatch dinosaur eggs, and that if you’re in a relationship and going on a break, you really have to define that. But I’ve also learned about how to dress through them. Today I was inspired by Luma, a wifi service that actually lets you watch your shows (without buffering, weak spots, or weak a** wifi. Sounds pretty good). Their unique and customizable surround wifi network insures you get fast network anywhere in your home. Here are some of my favorite, and most fashionable shows and movies!

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix// no longer grey

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix


You can’t talk about Gilmore Girls fashion without talking about Lorelai’s tie dye and cowboy boots look for Rory’s first day at Chilton. Even in the revival characters kept up their looks. My favorite was Paris. Her growth over the seasons, and yet the way that she never truly changed, is reflected into her look. The school uniform blazer morphed into a more refined pink jacket, the hair into a sharper bob. She stayed true to herself.

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix


10 Things I Hate About You has strappy tank tops and little braids and all the crop tops you could ever want. The way the sisters’ opinions and style contrast makes it so wonderful for me. You get the sweet, innocent look with Bianca, and Kat’s darker, edgier look. Next to each other, they look all the better. Opposites really do attract.

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix


I read A Series of Unfortunate Events as a kid. They were some of my favorite books. The show is amazing too. And this scene, with the primary colored rain coats and the aftermath of a terrible fire- wow. From the Baudelaire orphans I learned that it’s okay to stick out.

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix


The First Monday in May is about fashion, so it’s not surprising that it has great fashion. But one word: Rihanna.

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix


Finally, Moonrise Kingdom costumes are amazing. Suzy’s little pink dress is amazing, but it’s her beetle earrings and bright turquoise eyeshadow that truly make the look. She’s the poster kid for accessorization.

Of course, to have the perfect night watching any of these, you have to grab some fancy (or not so fancy, a la Kat in 10 Things I Hate About You) clothes. Why not have a watching party with some of your best friends? Get everybody to dress up for a screening.

What are your must watch shows? Let me know in the comments!

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by Sarah on January 8, 2017, one comment

Jumper // no longer grey Jumper // no longer grey Jumper // no longer greysweater- J. Crew, dress- DIY, tights- Hue

How to make a party dress work in everyday society: put a sweater under it. That’s it. That’s all I got. Alternatively, you could put the sweater over, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I made this dress for a holiday dance at my school, and it’s made out of the most lovely soft velvet ever. I bought it on sale in Jo Annes, but it was still the most expensive fabric I’ve ever gotten. However, when you’re making your own clothes, sometimes it’s okay to splurge a little. The pieces will last longer, and drape so much better.

Resolutions 3.0

by Sarah on December 31, 2016, no comments

2017// no longer grey

Last year

  1. I resolved to get rid of clothing that doesn’t spark joy. I’m going to give myself half a point here, because I did sort through my clothing, but most of it is sitting under my bed, waiting to find a new home. Still gotta do that.
  2. I wanted to only buy clothing that truly sparked happiness. This one I’m going to give myself a huge check on. I started working in a clothing store, and being around clothing so much has made me more aware of what clothing is best to buy (be it because of its sustainability, how it will wear, or how it looks). I’ve stopped feeling the need to buy as much, which is great! Plus, I did make an effort to buy ethical. I didn’t get everything from 100% sustainable places that pay their workers fair wages, don’t discriminate against anyone for race, gender, religion, age, ect, who have good sizing and no pink tax, but I was much more aware of what practices I was supporting.
  3. I’m still going strong on not wearing the same outfit to school twice! Hurrah!
  4. This year, I really worked to buy only what I felt was true to me. I had some hits, some misses, but I’m definitly getting better at wearing truly Sarah pieces.
  5. If you’re not following my instagram (insert shameless self promo here), you won’t know this, but I recently cut my hair, and got bangs! I’m so excited- pictures to come. And yes, I think I’m definitly a lot closer to true french girl hair.
  6. Last year, I resolved to make No Longer Grey the best it can be. I don’t know if this gets a check. I’m super proud of the content that I’ve put out. I’ve branched out into video, interviews, beauty looks, and sustainability posts. However, as some of you may know, there’s been a lack of new content. I’m currently going through the college process, and I do sports and have a job. These are excises. The truth is that I haven’t prioritized No Longer Grey. And I’m okay with that. I love blogging, but this fall I had a lot on my plate, and I decided to focus on all of that. However, going forward, get ready for a lot of new things!

2017// no longer grey

And this year, I resolve to…

  1. Never wear the same outfit to school twice. Let’s see if I can make it through highschool!
  2. Donate/ Sell/ give to friends/ get rid of the clothing I don’t need. It’s not doing me any good, and someone else should be able to enjoy it.
  3. Keep exploring my style, and find a few truly unique pieces that I can wear forever. I say unique because the idea of the perfect basics is great, but the idea of the perfect pink fuzzy coat sounds even greater.
  4. Work to support more local industries, or ethical garment producers. This is such a small thing that is so important, especially when legislative bodies (if you live in the US) are moving away from supporting green practices. I like to think of money as my vote, and this year I’m going to have to be more careful than ever to only vote for what I can stand behind.
  5. Put out content I’m truly proud of, and do it more regularly. Maybe videos, maybe outfit posts, maybe some guest posts… Wait and see! And maybe even a depop or etsy store. Don’t hold me to that.
  6. Have fun with style, and encourage those around me to do the same! Clothing can have such a transformative power, and it’s such an easy way to express oneself. This year, I’m aiming to do just that!

Here’s to a happy 2017!


Love Catalogues

by Sarah on December 21, 2016, one comment

love catalogues// no longer grey love catalogues// no longer grey love catalogues// no longer grey love catalogues// no longer grey love catalogues// no longer grey
romper- the J List, shoes- Topshop, jacket- thrifted

When I was younger, whenever my family got a catalog, I would pour over it. There’s something so wonderful about actually getting something in the mail, and being able to page through all of the styles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drawn outfit inspiration from a catalog (J Crew’s are basically a style bible, am I right?) Fashion catalogs are a more achievable version of fashion magazines; you can actually mimic the outfits without someone thinking you’re wearing a halloween costume.

I got the idea for my look from the Lookagain catalog, which is actually distributed by Love Catalogues. There was this girl wearing a beautiful floral dress, and these great chunky heel boots, and I looked into my closet and saw a great floral dress and some beautiful chunky heels (the boot part is actually just a sock), and thought, hey! I can do that! Love Catalogues also has catalogs from Jacamo and Grattan, so they’ve got some great clothing retailers covered. Plus, they have catalogs for home decor and more. Check them out!

This post is in collaboration with Love Catalogues.


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Neckerchief // no longer grey Neckerchief // no longer grey Neckerchief // no longer grey Neckerchief // no longer greycoat- Jil Sander, pants- Levi’s, shoes- Ariat, sweater- Gap, neckerchief- J Crew

Guys… I found it! A neckerchief that (sort of) doesn’t make me look like a flight attendant! Frankly, I’m shocked and awed. This one was a find in J Crew. I think the key to the neckerchief look is using a scarf actually meant as a dainty neck accessory, rather than a larger, bulkier one. This one is essentially a sheer, very light, and very soft bandana. I paired it with a lower cut sweater to balance out the bedecked neck look, and then some jeans and paddock boots to dress it down. The coat is an amazing jacket my cousin gave me that is the most beautiful shade of greenish blue. I love it to bits.

Huge thanks to the wonderful Jessica for taking these shots, and a happy December to all of you!