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The How and the Why

by Sarah on July 11, 2017, no comments

The How and the Why// no longer grey The How and the Why// no longer grey The How and the Why// no longer grey The How and the Why// no longer grey The How and the Why// no longer greyshirt- me, skirt- vintage, shoes- Topshop

Killer shoes, swishy skirt, little top, and a good book. It’s an almost poetic formula for the perfect summer outfit. I decided to go bold, and put black with yellow. The red accents keep it from going bumblebee, but don’t interfere with the bold contrast.

Ruffles on Ridges

by Sarah on June 25, 2017, no comments

Ruffles on Ridges// no longer grey Ruffles on Ridges// no longer grey Ruffles on Ridges// no longer grey Ruffles on Ridges// no longer grey Ruffles on Ridges// no longer grey Ruffles on Ridges// no longer greyshirt- J Crew, shorts- American Apparel, shoes- Topshop, belt- Céline

Boom boom boom. Another thrift store find! I was in my local store the other day when I felt a sort of siren’s call to the scarf section. And there, lo and behold, buried underneath piles of cheap cotton and satin was a gorgeous Céline scarf. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I paired it with a beautiful ruffly J Crew shirt, and some jorts to ground the look. Then, to completely unground it I teamed the look with my red suede Topshop  heels. And this is the look! What’s your best thrift find?

The New Look

by Sarah on June 13, 2017, no comments

The New Look// no longer grey The New Look// no longer grey The New Look// no longer grey The New Look// no longer greydress- vintage J Crew, shoes- Calvin Klein

There have been two true revolutions in fashion. The first was during the French Revolution, in which skirts went from big enough that two women couldn’t pass in a doorway to much more practical silhouettes, practically overnight. The second came in 1947, when Christian Dior released his “New Look” collection. This dress is a modernization of Dior’s flared skirt, feminine vision. It’s got the nipped in waist, longer bell skirt, and a gorgeous blue paisley. It’s the sort of dress that changes the way you walk. It’s impossible to slouch in.

The shoes also definitely change the way I walk. I bought them in Nordstrom rack, and they’ve weathered my birthday, two proms, and a graduation. I call them my rain heels, because they are patent and can’t be hurt by a little drizzle. In this look, they serve to keep my legs looking long, as a midi can be a harsh length on anyone not of Karli Kloss proportions.


by Sarah on June 3, 2017, no comments

Stevie// No Longer Grey Stevie// No Longer Greyshirt- Zara, pants- Levi’s, shoes- Doc Martens

Getting started is the hardest part. Obra empezada, medio acabada. I haven’t been a very good blogger this spring/ winter/ fall. But hey, here I am! It’s hard to start, or restart. This is no guarantee of a new start, but it is a hello. Hi!

My friends and always joke that we wear the iconic Steve Jobs (Stevie) look: black turtleneck, big jeans, and serious shoes. You’ve got to admit though, it’s a good look. The man was a double threat; tech giant and fashion icon. How often does that happen?

The Everlane Studio

by Sarah on May 22, 2017, no comments

The Everlane Studio// no longer greyMy first Everlane purchase was the snap backpack. I bought it in 8th grade after my backpack from Staples lost a strap and was rendered useless. From that moment, an obsession was born. I wore an Everlane shirt on the first day of high school (the box cut tee, which I swear is one of my best purchases ever). My favorite shoes, even though they haven’t been featured much on this blog, are the Modern Babo slides- the best blend of slides and dancer’s shoes. I tell everyone I meet about Everlane. So yeah, you could say I love Everlane.

On my most recent trip to New York, I headed down to the Everlane studio in Soho. It’s on the third? fifth? some floor up from the street, and you take an elevator to get up. Also, you have to push the right button, otherwise the elevator door opens not into the studio, but into an office, and the people in there will definitly give you wierd looks. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

The Everlane Studio// no longer greyThere’s one copy of each style in the store. You can try on anything you want, then order online. Everlane also provides free two day shipping. The studio feels clean, minimalist without any pretentious or exclusive edge. It’s just good fashion. The people who work there are all incredibly knowledgeable, and kind (they didn’t even make fun of me when I tried to use a computer as a touchscreen, only to discover that it was, in face, just a normal computer. I overheard one girl who worked there helping someone with the fit of a pair of pants. The shopper concluded that the cut wasn’t quite right, and the shop girl’s response was “oh, I’ll let the designers know, so that the next run can be better”. How great is that?

Everlane’s studio fits the brand. Clean lines, nice people, and lots and lots of great clothes. Have you been to the studio? Do you want to go? Let me know in the comments! And if you haven’t checked out Everlane yet, they’re pretty great, and be sure to do so!

photo credits: 1, all others from Everlane