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Minimalist Day to Night

by Sarah on August 23, 2016, no comments

Day to Night // no longer grey


Fashion wise, there are few things harder than “Transitional” outfits. Mid fall, early spring, and, of course, day to night looks are all hard to make work. But I decided to take the plunge! This day to night look was centered around a minimalist gold bar necklace from AUrate. It’s a beautiful piece- elegant, simple, and ethical (more on that later!). I chose a slip dress to keep the elegant, unfussy feel going, and because it’s a perfect piece for any time of the day. The day look includes sneakers for mobility, sunglasses, and a white shirt to layer for a very Clueless feel. The night outfit includes a change in shoes, a beautiful jacket with a timeless bomber cut, and a bag to tuck any nighttime essentials into. It’s a classic look, with modern twists.

As I said earlier, this necklace is not only beautiful and a perfect transitional piece, but it’s also made in a way that I can get behind. AUrate is a NYC based company that emphasizes minimalism and makes pieces that you can wear every day. This necklace is adjustable, and customizable! In addition, AUrate donates a book to children from underrepresented backgrounds for every piece bought- one look for one book. In a world in which knowledge is power, fighting for literacy and access for children to books is so important. AUrate’s jewelry supports internal and external beauty!

What do you think about this transitional look? Would you rock it? Let me know!

This post is in collaboration with AUrate


by Sarah on August 15, 2016, one comment

garage// no longer grey garage// no longer grey garage// no longer grey garage// no longer grey garage// no longer greyshirt- thrifted, shorts- DIY, shoes- CVS

Blogger pro tip: parking garages make the best backdrops. They just do. Grey walls, cool angles, AND very few people who stop and give you wierd looks. I’ve never done a photoshoot by myself in such a central location, but I don’t regret it. Whenever I’m taking pictures in public I try to just channel my inner Casey Neistat, and ignore all of the people who watch me take glorified selfies.

I actually took these without a tripod. Honestly, some times I think the best innovations come when you’re dealing without all of the fancy gear. Because I didn’t have a tripod, I had to use steps, rails, and the ground to prop the camera up. And sure, I wish I could have gotten a few more angles. But the lack of tripod force me to be a little more creative.

I’m currently at camp, and can’t respond to comments, but I’ll be back soon!




by Sarah on August 8, 2016, 2 comments

trendy // no longer grey Trends, in the beginning, are “ridiculous”. Would anyone have looked at fringe in 2010 and thought it would be a hit runway trend in 2016? Anna Wintour maybe, but not very many other people. Trends can gain popularity very slowly or very fast, but either way there eventually comes a point when customers accept the trend. This is when the original designs are reordered, more and more people are trying the trend out, and knockoffs aren’t on the market yet. This is the time when a trend is covetable, fresh, and still seems exclusive.

And then comes the peak. The piece can be mass produced, bought by anyone, at any price point, and seems to be everywhere. This can last (skinny jeans!) or crash and burn just as fast as feather hair extensions. Some trends become classics. Little black dresses, tuxedos for women, quilted jackets- they all fall into the “classic” selection, and stuck around. Some trends are kept alive by new innovations. Longer straps on a bag, new colors, patent leather vs normal; all can help keep a trend alive. But some trends immediately start on the decline stage.

Decline begins because all fashion ends in excess. When dresses in the middle ages got to be so wide that new doors had to be built, something had to change. Micro minis of the 2000’s ended when skirts were about as long as belts. Excess is the tipping point, the point where something goes from popular to passé. This is where garments hit the sale racks, and where things get shoved into the back of your dresser.

What happens next to a trend? It sits in thrift shops, it waits in the back of a closet. Some trends come back. Some, thankfully, don’t. Trends are wierd, fickle, but so much fun. What’s your current favorite trend?

DIY Glow

by Sarah on August 1, 2016, 2 comments

diy glow // no longer grey

Skincare is personal. So why do we rely on impersonal face masks? DIY your own for glowy skin. Pop different moisturizers on different parts of your face, and cover it all in coconut oil. When you’ve soaked up enough, wipe off the coconut oil and rinse off. Read on for my personal formula.
diy glow // no longer grey

a = clinique moisture surge, b = aloe up, c =  clinique repaireware laser focus, d = dramatically different moisturizing lotion,        e = eucerin calming cream, f = chap stick total hydration

The coconut oil on top acts as a seal, which lets all of the different creams soak in. Plus, coconut oil is super hydrating and will leave your skin shining.
diy glow // no longer greydiy glow // no longer grey diy glow // no longer grey

White and Overalls

by Sarah on July 25, 2016, 2 comments

White and Overalls White and Overalls White and Overalls White and Overalls

shirt- Everlane, overalls- Gap, shoes- CVS

Recently I’ve really been loving the laid back feel of a white tee with simple bottoms. It feels like the epitome of model off duty, French je ne sais quoi, laid back chic style. With overalls, it looks like I’m off to paint something, which I kind of love too. Especially when birkenstocks are involved. This outfit also wins bonus points for being ridiculously comfortable. Think 6 hour plane ride comfortable. Everlane’s shirts are so soft, and I’ve talked about the merits of wearing overalls to travel before. What’s your go to travel outfit?