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1 Year

by Sarah on March 12, 2015, 16 comments

anniversary// no longer grey

One year ago I began my blog.  The top left photo is from my very first outfit post. I remember being so cold that I had to dash inside twice, and the camera died three times. My outfit is something I decided a fashion blogger would wear (though it is pretty cute, no?). When I got outside though, it was totally too cold and the sun was doing wierd things. The pictures weren’t amazing, but when I posted them, I felt like I had just made a masterpiece. And I kept with it. I have had so much fun blogging this past year. It’s something that I truly love to do, and the fact that you guys are actually willing to take the time to hear me talk about spaghetti-stain-avoiding and wearing backwards shirts is amazing. Thank you all so much for making this year so much fun, for all of your kind comments, and for coming and visiting my blog!




shirt- Zara, coat- Fidelity, skirt- thrifted, shoes- thrifted, tights- Hue


16 thoughts on “1 Year

  1. I just had my blog anniversary too! I decided to start #drawasmile to give something back. Please share this hashtag. Basically post a photo of you holding a drawn smile on any social media and use a #drawasmile. Share this with your friends. Maybe write a joke, a silly photo or an inspirational quote that you came up with or just a quote that you think is good and make someone smile, because maybe someone is having a bad day and this will make their day. I would mean the world to me if you could share it!

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