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10 Shopping Secrets from a Shopgirl

by Sarah on August 25, 2017, 2 comments

10 Shopping Secrets from a Shopgirl// No Longer Grey

  1. Just because everyone is wearing it, and just because you think you’ll look great in it doesn’t mean it will work for you. I’ve tried on my fair share of wild prints, cold shoulders, and maxi skirts. They look great on instagram, a mannequin, the girl in the dressing room next to yours, but stick with things that work for you. Not sure? I always encourage people to try things on. It’s the easiest way to save some serious $$, and to have a killer closet.
  2. 30% off or more is a sale, anything less is a markdown. If you’re buying something just because it’s cheap, you’re doing it wrong. Invest in pieces you love- if they just so happen to be on sale, that’s a bonus!
  3. Especially in boutiques, ask about pieces! In stores where everything is from a different label (think Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Selfridges to name a few) as opposed to where everything is one store’s label (Forever21, J Crew and Chanel), each piece is bought for a reason. The smaller the store, the more likely each item is to have a story. At the store where I work, the owner concentrates on buying from US based, female owned companies that make eco friendly clothes that feel great. A large part of my job is learning the backstory on pieces, so that customers can make an informed choice. Even at bigger stores, ask an employee for styling help, size advice, and garment care.
  4. Always, always, always check the time the store closes. And if it’s in 5 minutes, or ESPECIALLY if it’s the time the store is supposed to be closing, even if you see people in there, even if the employees say it’s okay to come in, don’t. Respect their time, just as you want others to respect yours.
  5. Likewise, try not to do the thing where you shove clothing apart on racks. You are not Moses, this is not the red sea. If a rack is packed, take the garment out to look at it! You’ll get a better look, and won’t be destroying a display. Retail spacing is what makes clothing look great. It’s when everything is positioned an equal distance from the next item on a rack. Shoving things to the side is just frustrating.
  6. Though every place is different, stores are often busiest early afternoon on the weekends, and around three or during lunch time on the weekends. If you shop other times, especially early in the morning, you won’t have to elbow 20 people to get into a dressing room.
  7. If someone who works in the store greets you, it’s nice to say hi back! It’s part of my job to say hello, and I promise I won’t bother you past a hello if you don’t look like someone who wants to talk. It’s just sad when someone won’t even say hello, or loudly proclaims that they’re “just looking” instead of at least smiling.
  8. What you wear to shop is important. If you wear a shirt you hate, any pants you wear will look bad. I like to wear jeans with a waist line I typically wear, a belt that I can try with other pants, and a tee shirt. Also, shoes that slip on and off.
  9. Don’t feel obligated to buy something just because you’re in the store! I never want to sell someone on something they’re not sure about. It may look great, but you alone can tell if you will wear it.
  10. Have fun! Shopping should be relaxing and fun.

2 thoughts on “10 Shopping Secrets from a Shopgirl

  1. those are wonderful tips for shoppers! I had to laugh at the Moses reference. I am guilty of that, I think, though in some stores, they seem to cram their clothes in making it difficult to see an individual piece. I hope I will remember to take the hanger off the rack and look at the item individually.

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