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13 Year Old Me Predicted My Style

by Sarah on April 3, 2018, 2 comments


Recently I’ve been going through a style rut, which inspired a Pinterest obsession, which, in turn, led me to discover my 13 year old self’s pinterest account. It’s a veritable time capsule of what I was like, complete with cringy, outdated memes, fashion that’s a little too 2012 tumblr, and DIYs that no one really needs to make. But shoved between a board featuring glittery manicures and Louboutins, I found a gem; a board called “capsule”, which was originally a sort of shopping list of what I thought my closet would need growing up, abandoned and forgotten for five years.

Somehow, 13 year old me perfectly predicted my current style. To a tee (ha ha). Bear in mind that I created this board when I still wore infinity scarves and confused Max Azria with Max Mara. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

The board isn’t just a prediction of what my closet would look like; it’s a prophesy fulfilled. Subconsciously, I’ve manifested every single one of the pieces (not the exact ones I pinned, but ones that fit the style and spirit of each. Come on, this isn’t Disney) into my wardrobe. Tell me that isn’t crazy. And of course, I thought I would share. Here are my ultimate capsule wardrobe picks.

This is crazy! Honestly, I’m in awe that my style has remained fundamentally the same throughout most of my teen years. Of course, maybe I have it the other way around, and it’s not myself that has shaped my sartorial future, but rather complicated algorithms used by Pinterest to suggest only things I’ve already said I like, making my style a repitition. In a Cambridge Analytica world, who can say. In any case, it’s remarkable.

Anybody else have any wild wardrobe tales?

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