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by Sarah on December 31, 2019, no comments

I’m on break!

I’ve been slouching in grey sweatpants from a school I don’t even go to, sitting by the fire with wool socks on my feet. I’ve been avoiding taking too many pictures of myself, age? Self awareness? Laziness, preventing the narcissistic egoism that it takes to shoot life on selfie mode. 

So let’s not worry too much about the pictures.

Last year I resolved, in somewhat flowery language (ha!) to bloom. In my personal style, in school, in the way I lived my life. To an extent, I think I did that. 

I just finished reading the book Autumn Light, by Pico Iyer. Iyer talks about the fallacy of works with clearly delineated ends and beginnings. The book is a celebration of the seasons of change, but also how time loops back on itself, season repeating, the maple leaves budding, growing, yellowing, and falling, over and over and over.

I’ve noticed I don’t like wearing black as much as I once did. Part of it’s a byproduct of living with an exceptionally furry cat who likes to leave her hair on everything. A black turtleneck is her favorite canvas. Part of it is boredom, in wearing the same things I’ve been wearing for years. There’s nothing quite like the mirror-shock after coming home for the holidays and putting on the clothes of a self of five years ago. Part of it is wanting a little more light in my outfits. It’s so dark out: why bring the darkness with me everywhere I go?

(My trusty black overalls, don’t worry. This is not about you).

This won’t last. It’ll come and go as all style moods do, as all phases of life do, maple leaves yellowing. So much of fashion is searching for classics, for the perfect white blouse and pencil skirt that are timeless, ageless, personality-less, because how else could a shirt work from ages 15 to 52? Nobody is the same through time. Even these words won’t necessarily be here forever, something I learned about via a hacked blog and a necessary two month hiatus, along with a good amount of head banging on my keyboard.

Anyways, on to the new year. Bring on the glitter. For once, a LBD simply won’t do.

Here’s to 2020.

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