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A Thorough Investigation into All the Shoes that Have Messed Up My Feet

by Sarah on March 8, 2019, one comment

  1. Everlane Modern Loafer Mule. I can’t give these shoes all of the credit for injuring my feet, because I was the dumb one who decided to wear them for an eight hour shift at work to break them in. Genuinely terrible idea. Because they’re slides, you have to do a sneaky toe-cling to keep them on, which generated enough friction to give me a blister. Also, the patent leather is hard and unyielding.On a related note, Millie Bobbie Brown owns these shoes, which begs the question if we are blister sisters and if her feet are also messed up now.
  2. Everlane Modern Chelsea Boot. Another one that is kind of my fault, as I wore them last year to fashion week and ended up breaking a toe/ stretching a ligament/ causing some sort of foot harm that rendered it incredibly painful to walk more than two blocks in for several months. Reason for injury: ditto with the too long wear time (I was backstage and doing all sorts of deep crouches) and the stiff leather.
  3. Vans Sk8-Hi. For some reason these give me a blister on my pinky toe if I wear them for more than five miles. They’re not super breathable, which is probably the culprit. But they’re also my favorite skate shoes, and don’t give me a blister if I’m skateboarding, so you win some, you lose some.

And some shoes that have been nothing but good to me

  1. Everlane Modern Babo. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever seen or worn. They’re like little leather slippers, perfect for dancing and walking and standing. Everyone at the store I used to work in wore these. They’re gorgeous and amazing, and their foldable back lets you switch up the fit, making them even more comfy.
  2. Everlane Modern Loafer. This is a hot take, because these shoes are notorious for being hard to break in. I bought mine a whole size larger than what I usually take, and they’ve not disappointed. I wore mine straight from the box to work, with socks at first and then without. Amazing.
  3. Calvin Klein T-Strap Stiletto. These are beautiful shoes, so beautiful that I wore them to two proms and one graduation. They gave me no blisters or lasting foot pain. I’m sure that when I’m an old lady I will have sufficiently messed up feet, and will smile back at my younger self who wore these for hours on end on the dance floors, but for now they’re actually pretty comfortable.
  4. Uggs. Mine are still in pristine condition, still have fluffy fur, and still are the most comfortable shoes maybe ever. They might inflict some sartorial pain (on others. Honestly, I think they make my feet look like little animals, which is kind of a look), but as far as foot damage, I think they’re a godsend.


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