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Almost Spring

by Sarah on March 21, 2018, one comment

Almost spring// no longer grey jeans- Everlane, shirt- Everlane, shoes- Everlane, belt- Target

Let me be perfectly clear; the only place this outfit is going is into my kitchen to make scones. It’s snowing BUCKETS out right now, and if I were to wear backless mules outside, I would end up with backless feet. A girl can still dream though. And this is a rather dreamy outfit!

The shirt is a wonderful piped-collar piece from Everlane. As I look at the outfit, I am realizing that the whole thing is from Everlane. Except the belt, which is from Target, but definitely the part of Target pronounced tar-jay.

I’m quite excited about this jeans and shoe combo. I’ve extolled the virtues of these jeans before, but there is something wonderful about casual pants with loafers. Jeans capture the masculinity of the loafer while dressing down the whole thing. It’s what I would like to imagine Angelina Jolie would wear on a beach vacation (Or what Millie Bobby Brown, who owns these shoes, might reach for).

Off to watch Stranger Things and pretend I can lift cars with my mind!

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