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by Sarah on January 25, 2019, no comments

So I survived my first semester!

As this post is being published, I’m on a bus back down to Boston, where I’ll take the red line from South Station out to Harvard Square. Just as I didn’t know what was in store for me the first time I left for college, I don’t know what’s down the road for second semester.

Traditionally I’ve set sartorial resolutions on this blog. They’ve ranged from never wearing the same outfit to school twice (I did this for four years straight) to quitting outfit envy to wearing only clothing I truly find inspiring. This year, the new year passed and I didn’t make style resolutions. I thought about writing a post, thought about setting fashion goals, thought about it all and then let it slide.

Maybe next year.

It’s not for lack of passion. I still like clothing, like style, like fashion. I still love to write and post here. But I don’t have any new resolutions to set. The guidelines that I’ve tried to set for myself are working. I’ve stopped impulse shopping, and stopped buying things that are almost, but not quite right. I’m consuming much less fast fashion, wearing fewer synthetics, spending less and doing more need versus want based shopping. I’m absolutely not perfect, and have a long way to go before I make it to perfect consumption. But I feel good about where I’m at style-wise, and like my goals are already clearly defined.

This all ties into my guiding principal for this year. Though I have some individual goals (learn to bake bread, actually keep up with fashion week proceedings, drink more water), my guiding principal for this year is the word bloom. I’m not trying to do a total 180, to change myself overnight. Rather, I want to take what I already am and grow and change towards a better self, allowing time for self reflection and recovery. Being at college, surrounding myself with smart and interesting people and living away from home all force change, one way or another. I want to embrace that change in a responsible way, never expecting results all at once but acknowledging that it takes time for life to happen.

So, here’s to second semester. Here’s to hard work and big fun and doing scary and wonderful things. Here’s to blooming.

Happy 2019.

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