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Camel + Denim + Silk

by Sarah on October 4, 2017, one comment

jacket- thrifted, shirt- thrifted, pants- Levi’s, boots- Ariat

Camel colored coats for fall? Groundbreaking. Also groundbreaking? Silk shirts, black denim, and Chelsea boots. I can practically hear Miranda Priestly (and Anna Wintour) rolling their eyes. The coat and shirt were wonderful thrift store finds. I find one of the most important things to keep in mind while thrifting is fabric. My current loves are silk, cotton, wool and leather. The moment you start in with polyester blends is the moment pieces look like they’ve been through the wash a few times too many. This rule also applies for non thrift stores, but with out of the box clothing, there’s less wear already on the garment, meaning that it will stay fresh for longer.

What are your favorite fall fabrics?

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