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What’s up with Glossier?

by Sarah on May 19, 2018, one comment

When I moved to New York, two things happened. First I learned the difference between a bodega and a corner store. Then I went to the Glossier showroom, along with every other woman aged 14-33 who lives in the greater Manhattan area. I had looked at Glossier online for a while before I made the […]

CVS: Skincare Haven

by Sarah on August 28, 2017, no comments

The other day, as I walked down the shampoo isle in CVS, I head a man talking to one of the employees. “You all are always so nice here. I feel like I’m at home”. I repressed a giggle, picked up some hair elastics, and promptly spent the next 15 minutes aimlessly wandering the CVS […]

A Very Fashion-y Halloween

by Sarah on October 29, 2016, one comment

So you’re going to a costume party, but you’re a fashion girl. Or you don’t like costumes. Or you’re just sick of being Cher from Clueless every single year. I got you. So for this year, try something a little less black and orange, and a little more spring/summer 2017. Runway makeup is always extraordinary, […]

To B(ang) or…

by Sarah on September 27, 2016, one comment

… not to bang? The eternal question. I’ve been seeing the look more and more. Meghan Hughes, Maddi Bragg, Arden Rose, Rian Phin… the list goes on and on. Who will be next? Michelle Obama (oh wait)? You? Me? It’s an epidemic! I’m certainly not immune to the charm of bangs. There’s such a je […]

DIY Glow

by Sarah on August 1, 2016, 2 comments

Skincare is personal. So why do we rely on impersonal face masks? DIY your own for glowy skin. Pop different moisturizers on different parts of your face, and cover it all in coconut oil. When you’ve soaked up enough, wipe off the coconut oil and rinse off. Read on for my personal formula. a = […]