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13 Year Old Me Predicted My Style

by Sarah on April 3, 2018, 2 comments

  Recently I’ve been going through a style rut, which inspired a Pinterest obsession, which, in turn, led me to discover my 13 year old self’s pinterest account. It’s a veritable time capsule of what I was like, complete with cringy, outdated memes, fashion that’s a little too 2012 tumblr, and DIYs that no one […]

Style Lessons as Taught by Netflix

by Sarah on January 22, 2017, 2 comments

  The first show that I loved was Gossip Girl. It was my introduction to a world of clicky heels and dripping pearls, a portal into a world of opulence that is seldom achievable in real life. And as much as I love Serena and Jenny, I think we can all agree that Blair was the […]

See You in…

by Sarah on June 24, 2016, one comment

8 weeks! I’m off to camp again (year 7!). But never you fret- I have a few posts coming your way thanks to the magic of scheduling. I won’t be able to respond to comments, but when I get back I will. Have a great summer everyone! The above is a camp counselor inspired inspiration […]

Hey Earth!

by Sarah on April 22, 2016, 5 comments

  Hey! It’s earth day! Where I am, leaves are popping out, flowers are just starting to appear, and it’s warm. It’s days like this that make it especially easy to love the earth we live on, and it’s earth day! Earth day is so important because it’s like a new year for taking care […]

Not Baseball

by Sarah on January 21, 2016, 2 comments

dress, jacket, shoes, bag, collar sunglasses, watch, earrings It’s not baseball season. But who is to say we can’t dress like it is? Stripes on stripes make any outfit into a baseball-y look, and sporty accents add to the look. Plus, a serious pair of shoes grounds the look. Who wants to dress up like a pitcher with me?