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To Save x No Longer Grey

by Sarah on September 21, 2017, no comments

To Save, or not to save, that is the question… A company called ToSave recently sent me a few pieces to test out. Spoiler: it was a roller coaster, but the sort that only goes up. Let’s start off with the worst. My least favorite was a little red romper that in theory is super […]

So You Want to Be a Millennial

by Sarah on September 12, 2017, one comment

So shirt- Zara, pants- thrifted, shoes- Topshop I may not be a real millennial, but I sure do love millennial pink. These trousers were a thrift store find, and they’re baggy and weird in a properly fashion girl way. The shirt is a tank top from Zara. I figured if you’re going to wear pink […]

London Bridge

by Sarah on September 1, 2017, one comment

dress- the J List, shoes- Topshop Lately my style has been fluctuating between jeans and a tee and frilly, feminine to the max dresses. This look is one of the latter. The dress is a lovely dark mauve with a frill about the bottom, slightly puffed sleeves, and a wrap front. The length of the […]

10 Shopping Secrets from a Shopgirl

by Sarah on August 25, 2017, one comment

Just because everyone is wearing it, and just because you think you’ll look great in it doesn’t mean it will work for you. I’ve tried on my fair share of wild prints, cold shoulders, and maxi skirts. They look great on instagram, a mannequin, the girl in the dressing room next to yours, but stick […]

Unnecessary Belt

by Sarah on July 22, 2017, no comments

pants- Everlane, shirt- Everlane, shoes- Topshop You guys! These PANTS! I love that pant silhouettes are going away from the thigh crushing into the voluminous, but it can be hard to style wide legged pants because you run the risk of looking like you’re drowning in fabric. These Everlane pants hit the nail on the […]