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by Sarah on February 21, 2021, no comments

For some reason, it’s much easier for me to draft up an email if I schedule it to be sent. Done and dusted, but without the existential fear of accidentally using they’re instead of there and showing the world that I have no idea what I’m doing. It also feels like a complete life hack, […]


by Sarah on October 26, 2020, no comments

I’m finally living in the moment! Are you proud of me? Back in March, most of my plans slowly but surely crept out the window. An on-campus fashion show, then in person classes, living in a dorm, studying abroad, all slunk away in the middle of the night. All things I could completely live without. […]

same same but different

by Sarah on September 13, 2020, no comments

I’m somewhere¬†different now!¬† Writing that, I think I should feel more out-there, wild, adventurous, even though I don’t actually feel different. Life feels more normal than it has for months, even though I’m in a new house, taking new, very different classes (I’m an astronomer now), in a new state, with new roommates. But instead […]

skip and jump

by Sarah on July 19, 2020, no comments

Time keeps jumping around, and I don’t know quite what comes next, life nor writing wise. Not to mention how inappropriate I would have felt creating content this past month that centralized anything other than promoting black voices, learning about racial inequality, and discussing news and necessary legislative changes. I’ve been doing that through other […]

What Harvard Really Taught Me: Sophomore Year

by Sarah on May 27, 2020, no comments

I just finished 14th grade, which means that I’ve been in school for the same amount of time it would take to grow a reasonably self sufficient person (14 being the age of irrational reason). When I was fourteen, I graduated eighth grade and made my way to high school. Now I’m living at home […]