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3 Step Sustainable Wardrobe

by Sarah on February 22, 2018, no comments

It seems like everything these days is being stamped with the word sustainable. Coffee, notebooks, furniture- all SUSTAINABLE! The fashion industry is not exempt. It’s 2018, and everyone has a capsule wardrobe and knows that denim is a dirty business. So with all of this newfound sustainability, we should all have sustainable wardrobes, right? I […]

In the Corner

by Sarah on February 11, 2018, no comments

jeans- thrifted, sweatshirt- DIY, socks- J Crew shoes- Vans Coming atcha from a corner for today’s look. I wore this the other day to a work ‘thing’, and had a bunch of people really impressed with the sweatshirt. Which was super flattering, because it’s a sweatshirt from summer camp, not some sort of beautiful Paloma […]

No Parking

by Sarah on January 26, 2018, no comments

shirt- thrifted, dress- c/o Tobi, shoes- Everlane, bag- thrifted, sunglasses- street vendor The behind the scenes of these photos involve me squinting a lot, a man stopping his car on the street to watch the photoshoot progress, and me having to hold my leg up to get the last shot. Just to be totally transparent. […]

The Dressing Room Of Your Dreams

by Sarah on January 25, 2018, no comments

My favorite movie scenes are always the “getting ready” ones. Mia’s transformation in The Princess Diaries. The first scene in The Devil Wears Prada. No, I’m not a huge Anne Hathaway fan. I just love the idea of a luxurious morning routine at a white vintage dressing table, powder puff in hand, and a stroll […]

Midwinter July

by Sarah on January 21, 2018, no comments

shirt that is actually a body suit- c/o Tobi, pants- thrifted, shoes- Everlane, belt- thrifted (but it’s Céline) IT FELT LIKE SUMMER TODAY!!! Which is concerning because it’s January and not July, and means we should all be very worried about the earth. It’s kind of hard to worry though while sitting out on one’s […]