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3 Steps to Chic

by Sarah on May 11, 2018, no comments

Being fashionable seems like a great thing to be. It means trendy and up with the times and fabulous. It’s the sartorial equivalent of the perfect instagram photo, taken at Coachella, with an overpriced popsicle. Essentially, it’s great on the surface, but rather empty not far below. Being stylish, on the other hand, is being […]

Rain Ensemble

by Sarah on May 7, 2018, no comments

jacket- Helly Hansen, sweatshirt- thrifted, jeans- thrifted, shoes- Vans Here is my ideal rain ensemble: yellow jacket, red rain boots, blue umbrella. Clearly, being in the rain turns me into a Mondrian painting. I firmly believe that a yellow coat repels the damp more than any other colored coat could, as its waterproofness is half […]

Red Red Red

by Sarah on April 27, 2018, no comments

dress- Everlane, jacket- Gap, shoes- Topshop, bag- thrifted It was only when I put this outfit together that I realized I had two red scarves and four pairs of red shoes. It’s FINE I’m FINE. Addiction to red accessories notwithstanding, this is a good look. The dress is a gorgeous silk number from Everlane (on […]

City Look

by Sarah on April 8, 2018, no comments

jacket- Gap, sweater- Gap, jeans- Everlane, shoes- Anthropologie Welcome to my city girl look. On the weekends, this is what I’m wearing about 99% of the time. Jeans, sneakers, sweater, ponytail, moto jacket. These pictures are actually from more than 6 months ago, before I moved to New York (and then DC). Though my personal […]

Almost Spring

by Sarah on March 21, 2018, one comment

jeans- Everlane, shirt- Everlane, shoes- Everlane, belt- Target Let me be perfectly clear; the only place this outfit is going is into my kitchen to make scones. It’s snowing BUCKETS out right now, and if I were to wear backless mules outside, I would end up with backless feet. A girl can still dream though. […]