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The How and the Why

by Sarah on July 11, 2017, one comment

shirt- me, skirt- vintage, shoes- Topshop Killer shoes, swishy skirt, little top, and a good book. It’s an almost poetic formula for the perfect summer outfit. I decided to go bold, and put black with yellow. The red accents keep it from going bumblebee, but don’t interfere with the bold contrast.

Ruffles on Ridges

by Sarah on June 25, 2017, no comments

shirt- J Crew, shorts- American Apparel, shoes- Topshop, belt- Céline Boom boom boom. Another thrift store find! I was in my local store the other day when I felt a sort of siren’s call to the scarf section. And there, lo and behold, buried underneath piles of cheap cotton and satin was a gorgeous Céline […]

The New Look

by Sarah on June 13, 2017, no comments

dress- vintage J Crew, shoes- Calvin Klein There have been two true revolutions in fashion. The first was during the French Revolution, in which skirts went from big enough that two women couldn’t pass in a doorway to much more practical silhouettes, practically overnight. The second came in 1947, when Christian Dior released his “New […]


by Sarah on June 3, 2017, no comments

shirt- Zara, pants- Levi’s, shoes- Doc Martens Getting started is the hardest part. Obra empezada, medio acabada. I haven’t been a very good blogger this spring/ winter/ fall. But hey, here I am! It’s hard to start, or restart. This is no guarantee of a new start, but it is a hello. Hi! My friends […]

Spring and a Picnic

by Sarah on April 28, 2017, one comment

Spring has just begun here in New Hampshire. The other day, my friends and I had a first day of spring picnic, to soak up the sun and welcome in the season. To me, picnics feel like summer. Whenever I go hiking, which is typically in the middle of the July, I always pack a […]