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Packing Essentials

by Sarah on September 3, 2018, no comments

My two packing philosophies are as follows: stuff ruins trips, and destination dressing is one of the greatest sartorial joys. The first rule stems from lugging around too much stuff. The inevitable shoulder and back ache brought on by overpacking isn’t worth it. Plus, a trip is the perfect time to practice having a capsule […]

The DC Dress Code

by Sarah on August 28, 2018, no comments

  I wore a suit for 3 months. Not a bathing suit, not a body suit, a button down shirt and blazer ensemble that could only be described as “western business attire”. Terrible, right? I was interning in the U.S Senate, a place where legislature and good fashion go to die, and those three words […]

What I Would Wear if it Weren’t 90 Degrees

by Sarah on August 6, 2018, one comment

Out of the office, because it’s summer, and my outfits for the past week have consisted of a bathing suit and a healthy plastering of sunblock. Here’s what I will be wearing once it’s cool enough to actually put on clothes again: What’s your cool weather outfit plan?

How to Dress for a Shopping Trip

by Sarah on July 26, 2018, no comments

It’s it ironic that you have to get dressed to shop for more clothes. And not only that, but in designer stores, you’re often expected to dress up to buy new things! Weird. But the right outfit can actually make a shopping expedition much more fun, and much easier. Here are my favorite tips! The […]

In My Feelings

by Sarah on July 23, 2018, no comments

shirt- DIY, pants- Everlane, sunglasses- local, shoes- J. Crew Even though this outfit is kind of overly put together, I forgot mascara. You can also see I intentionally forgot stripes and houndstooth don’t go together to create this look. I bought these pants last year at the Everlane Studio (RIP the Soho Studio, but hello […]