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Wide Open Spaces

by Sarah on May 9, 2020, no comments

Picture from a while ago, from a walk with a friend. Nowadays I’m going all Dixie Chicks, and looking gratefully for wide open spaces. So lucky to be amongst these hills. Also: halfway done with college. If not time wise, as timelines tilt and warp in the future, but in classwork. It isn’t what I thought […]

Some Things I Never Saw Coming

by Sarah on March 31, 2020, no comments

The immense gratitude to songs for being able to transport me to days past Having to leave college in five days. Pack up, say goodbye to people, a place, a feeling that’s become as much a home as home can really be when you’re 20. The bitterness over changed plans. Changed summers, changed semesters, changed […]


by Sarah on January 29, 2020, no comments

shirt- Reformation, jeans- Levis, shoes- Primark, jacket- Gap My professor yesterday turned up to the first class in a double breasted pin striped blazer, enormous tortoiseshell glasses with light-adaptive lenses, and two enormous silver rings on each of his pinkies. While he talked, he would clasp his hands, the metal covering the bottom third of […]

Well Suited

by Sarah on January 14, 2020, no comments

dress- vintage, blazer- Everlane Things that make me laugh: 1. My application to art school was basically a bunch of pictures of me wearing a suit (some of which live, to this day, on this blog). Actually, it was a bunch of pictures of me wearing an thrifted blazer and some itchy black pants, climbing […]


by Sarah on December 31, 2019, no comments

I’m on break! I’ve been slouching in grey sweatpants from a school I don’t even go to, sitting by the fire with wool socks on my feet. I’ve been avoiding taking too many pictures of myself, age? Self awareness? Laziness, preventing the narcissistic egoism that it takes to shoot life on selfie mode.  So let’s […]