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CVS: Skincare Haven

by Sarah on August 28, 2017, no comments

CVS: Skincare Haven// no longer greyThe other day, as I walked down the shampoo isle in CVS, I head a man talking to one of the employees. “You all are always so nice here. I feel like I’m at home”. I repressed a giggle, picked up some hair elastics, and promptly spent the next 15 minutes aimlessly wandering the CVS corridors

This is not the first time I’ve done this. Oh no. Ever since my first foray into beauty products (glittery purple and blue Milani nail polishes at age 11), I’ve been a CVS addict. Yes, the layout is confusing. Yes, the overhead lighting is less than flattering, and there aren’t testers like there are in Sephora. But can you pick up film, a new lipstick, a journal and a passport photo in Sephora? Didn’t think so.

Plus, CVS has recently started stocking wayyy more skincare. My favorites are the CVS brand cucumber peel off mask, honey dew and chamomile mask, and avocado and oatmeal mask. They come in a trial size for around 2 dollars each, last forever, and make my skin feel like it’s bee born again. I’m also a huge fan of the 10.0.6 micellar water, which is basically a makeup remover, toner and primer all in one. Trust me, if you haven’t used a micellar water, you’re missing out.

What are your favorite CVS products? Let me know in the comments!

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