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Day in the life: NYC Edition

by Sarah on September 17, 2018, no comments

8:30 – Wake up. My apartment was on a one way street, and there wasn’t a lot of through traffic, so I could normally sleep in a bit. By 8:30, light would be coming in, and I would wake up, double check the hours I was working on my phone, and get up.

8:45 – Shower time! One of the joys of NYC living is having old water heating systems, so my water alternated between freezing and scalding. There was a mid point where it was perfect, but it would always take some time to find it. Also, my bathroom was pink, which always made me super happy.

8:55 – Fresh out of the shower, I’d put on a bathrobe, because I had neighbors and my closet was on the other side of the apartment. I’d do my skincare routine, and let it soak in while I chose an outfit. For work, I was supposed to wear all Everlane clothes, or clothes that embodied the Everlane look. Not a problem, because I love Everlane stuff. My go to outfit was jeans and a tee, with a cashmere sweater layered over for warmth, because the Prince street store has huge, gorgeous glass windows out front, which on a cold day would be chilly.

9:05 – I’d put on some makeup- mostly Glossier products, and always super lightly. In the winter, the Zip lipstick was my hero, because it gave my face some warmth and made it look like I wasn’t dying of the cold. Then I would tidy up and pack my bag. I always made sure to bring an Everlane pin, a portable charger, headphones, gloves, work shoes and my wallet and metrocard.

9:15 – I’d zip out the door, and pop over to the local bakery to pick up some breakfast. My favorite place was Runner and Stone, which is an absolute gem. Their breads are to die for. I would pick up a croissant and a baguette, and walk over to the train.

9:20 – The R train would arrive, I’d settle in, look over some emails, listen to music, and read the news.

9:45 – I’d make it to Prince street! I liked to arrive at work early, to get settled in and avoid being late. The trains in New York are terrible, but are especially terrible in the winter, so you never know what you’re going to get. My work was only a few blocks from the Prince Street stop, so I could make the walk leisurely. If I had more than five minutes to spare, I would do a loop around the block to see the Elizabeth street garden. In the summer, it’s an eden of greenery. In the winter, I liked seeing the lion statue with a little snow hat on.

10:00 – Work time! I’d head in, swap out my shoes, and start opening the store.

2:00 – Lunch time would fall sometime after noon and before 4. Nolita is packed with great lunch places, so I had my pick. I frequented Sweetgreen, Dig Inn, and the Little Cupcake bake shop (for desert!), but if I had bought bread in the morning, I would head to the bodega and pick up some fruit to eat with it. Also, I would inevitably be needing a caffeine fix, which I would fulfill at Gimme coffee.

8:00- The store would close! Some days I would have shorter shifts, but when the store first opened, the days were longer. I didn’t mind it, as time always flew by, and my co workers were such amazing people that it never felt long. We would close, restock, and pack up to go.

8:45 – I’d walk over to the train, and start my adventure back. If there were no trains for 10 minutes, I’d walk down Broadway to the Canal street stop, and take the N home. I always loved looking out onto Manhattan at night.

9:15 – Heading home! If I didn’t have food, I would stop at the 24 hour bodega to pick up something. Most days I’d head home, and sit down to rest my feet. In the evenings, I’d watch a movie, read, write, or have an adventure to go get ice cream from Ample Hills or sweets from Milk.

11 – Bed time! If I was working the next day, I liked to get a full 8+ hours. After standing for so much, laying down always felt heavenly.

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