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A Very Fashion-y Halloween

by Sarah on October 29, 2016, 2 comments

So you’re going to a costume party, but you’re a fashion girl. Or you don’t like costumes. Or you’re just sick of being Cher from Clueless every single year.

I got you.

So for this year, try something a little less black and orange, and a little more spring/summer 2017. Runway makeup is always extraordinary, so why not make your costume Marithé + François Girbaud spring 2010?


Erdem Spring/ Summer 2016

This one is easy. Leave your eyebrows as they are, and skip washing your face (all about that glow). Just pop some orange all over your lid, and blend out. Easy!

A Very Fashion-y Halloween

Marc Jacobs Fall/ Winter 2016

Okay, this look is more intense. But very appropriate for halloween! First, you need to cover up your eyebrows. Use a gluestick to slick them down, then let them dry, and repeat until you really can’t move them. Use an obscene amount of foundation and concealer to cover them up. Then, using a fine tipped eyeliner, outline where you’d usually put eyeshadow. One coat of mascara, a swipe of dark lipstick, and you’re done!

Comme des Garcons

This one requires a lip pencil. Trust me, I tried to do without. Cover your lips with some concealer and foundation, then draw a big ol’ pair of lips about an inch off of where they should be.

Marithé + François Girbaud Spring 2010

All you need for this one is a brow pencil, or some eyeliner that could pass as your brow color. Using quick swipes, feather your brows up. Pretend to be Cara Delevingne.

Max Mara Spring 2016

This one is my favorite! Using some tape, block off an extremely irregular pentagon, with your lower lash line as one of the sides. Apply an orangey pink shade directly below the tape, then blend it down.


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