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by Sarah on August 15, 2016, one comment

garage// no longer grey garage// no longer grey garage// no longer grey garage// no longer grey garage// no longer greyshirt- thrifted, shorts- DIY, shoes- CVS

Blogger pro tip: parking garages make the best backdrops. They just do. Grey walls, cool angles, AND very few people who stop and give you wierd looks. I’ve never done a photoshoot by myself in such a central location, but I don’t regret it. Whenever I’m taking pictures in public I try to just channel my inner Casey Neistat, and ignore all of the people who watch me take glorified selfies.

I actually took these without a tripod. Honestly, some times I think the best innovations come when you’re dealing without all of the fancy gear. Because I didn’t have a tripod, I had to use steps, rails, and the ground to prop the camera up. And sure, I wish I could have gotten a few more angles. But the lack of tripod force me to be a little more creative.

I’m currently at camp, and can’t respond to comments, but I’ll be back soon!



One thought on “Garage

  1. Parking garage makes the BEST backgrounds. There is just something so cool and rugged about them haha. You just gonna channel your inner Neistat to ignore everyone staring at you taking photos alone in the garage haha <3

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