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DIY Glow

by Sarah on August 1, 2016, 2 comments

diy glow // no longer grey

Skincare is personal. So why do we rely on impersonal face masks? DIY your own for glowy skin. Pop different moisturizers on different parts of your face, and cover it all in coconut oil. When you’ve soaked up enough, wipe off the coconut oil and rinse off. Read on for my personal formula.
diy glow // no longer grey

a = clinique moisture surge, b = aloe up, c =  clinique repaireware laser focus, d = dramatically different moisturizing lotion,        e = eucerin calming cream, f = chap stick total hydration

The coconut oil on top acts as a seal, which lets all of the different creams soak in. Plus, coconut oil is super hydrating and will leave your skin shining.
diy glow // no longer greydiy glow // no longer grey diy glow // no longer grey

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