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Good Jeans

by Sarah on September 10, 2018, 2 comments

That’s not a finger in frame- it’s a pile of peaches!

jeans- thrifted, bodysuit- Everlane

These are good jeans. Really good jeans. Instagram clickbate where-did-she-get-those jeans. I feel comfortable bragging about them, they’re that good. Along with vintage designer handbags and the perfect leather jacket, 501’s are a thrifter’s gold. I knew these had absolutely no chance of fitting, but I also knew I had 10 years of sewing experience to fall back on, so I scooped them up for the low price of $2.50

And oh boy but did they come out well. I followed this tutorial to take them in. Basically, I took off the waistband tag and the back pockets half way, folded the excess fabric in, and sewed right down the back. On the waistband, I wasn’t going to be able to get a neat edge using a sewing machine, so I instead used two earring stud bases to pierce and hold the fabric in place. I sewed the tag and pockets back on, distressed the pockets and front fly, and called it a day.

The jeans teamed beautifully with a bodysuit from Everlane. The back of the bodysuit is really the star. It gives a mostly open back look, then scoops and has a back seam that adds just the right amount of interest. It balanced out the slouchy jeans perfectly. 

I was sewing for most of the day while wearing this outfit, hence the no-shoes look. I’ve been rediscovering my sewing machine, and it’s been so fun to experiment with fabric once again!

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