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In My Feelings

by Sarah on July 23, 2018, no comments

shirt- DIY, pants- Everlane, sunglasses- local, shoes- J. Crew

Even though this outfit is kind of overly put together, I forgot mascara. You can also see I intentionally forgot stripes and houndstooth don’t go together to create this look. I bought these pants last year at the Everlane Studio (RIP the Soho Studio, but hello 28 Prince Street!). After working for Everlane and amassing a laughable amount of Everlane clothes, they’re still one of my favorite and most special pieces. Also, the sentimental value of them is off of the charts, because I remember trying them on in the Studio and wishing that I would someday work in a similar environment, and doing just that 6 months later!

I teamed the pants with a little ruched dress I made from this tutorial. Because I used 100% cotton fabric, it feels wonderfully structured. Plus, it works super well with these sunglasses, which can really only be described as clout goggles.

What’s your summer outfit to beat the heat?

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