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In the Corner

by Sarah on February 11, 2018, no comments

jeans- thrifted, sweatshirt- DIY, socks- J Crew shoes- Vans

Coming atcha from a corner for today’s look. I wore this the other day to a work ‘thing’, and had a bunch of people really impressed with the sweatshirt. Which was super flattering, because it’s a sweatshirt from summer camp, not some sort of beautiful Paloma Wool creation.

Also, haven’t see you in a while, hey! I moved (again), started a new job (again) and have been in an odd state of not really knowing where I live. The other day I accidentally got bus tickets going from my old city to my new, instead of vice versa. But this new move brings with it a whole new set of sartorial challenges that I can’t wait to discuss and ponder with you all.

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