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Joyous Outfits

by Sarah on November 12, 2018, no comments

sweater- Everlane, pants- Everlane, shoes- Vans

A girl I met the other day told me that this sweatshirt was the exact color of my hair, and it made me wonderfully happy. It’s also the exact color of these pants and when I wear the two together I feel like a crayon in a delightful Goldenrod or Atomic Tangerine (real crayon names- how do I get the job of whoever came up with those?) While wearing this outfit I realized it did something I often disregard in getting dressed; it made me happy. Not “I like my jeans” or “I look great today” happy, but the sort of happy that whenever I looked down and remembered what I was wearing I got a little thrill of delight.

There’s something remarkably freeing about wearing one color. For one, you look like a kid who puts together outfits based on what matches. The first rule on most articles about how to match your clothes is to choose pieces that compliment, not pieces of the same hue. But what could possibly go better with Atomic Tangerine than more Atomic Tangerine? One of my favorite New York memories is the afternoon that I came across the Green Lady walking down Mott street. She’s famous for her one-colored outfits, and she seems pretty happy.

I’m in a moment of quiet personal style. I used to “dress up” much more, but my collegiate style, from space limitations and personal style growth has proved to be more subtle, more simple. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that I know what I want more than I ever did before. I’m still experimenting, and I’m sure I’ll laugh at myself when I’m a senior and wonder why wearing monochrome made me so happy. But for now, I’m happy wearing my Banana Mania colored outfit.

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