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Jumpsuit ?

by Sarah on November 13, 2015, 12 comments

jumpsuit ? // no longer grey

jumpsuit ? // no longer grey

jumpsuit ? // no longer grey

jumpsuit ? // no longer grey



jumpsuit ? // no longer grey

shirt- thrifted, pants- Cambodia

This is not a jumpsuit. But It is a whole lot of black and white prints that are just distracting enough to make the outfit look like a jumpsuit. It’s also a very comfortable look- I wore this on a plane over the summer from Seattle to Boston, and have never had a better flight. The shirt is one of my favorite thrifting finds ever, and the pants I got at camp, and absolutely love to wear. Honestly, this is the sort of outfit I never would have had the guts to wear two years ago. No Longer Grey has taught me how to do a lot of things (edit out the backgrounds in photos, pose, and write being a few), but it has mostly taught me how to wear whatever it is that I want.

12 thoughts on “Jumpsuit ?

  1. I was going to comment “Jumpsuit.” with a period and then I read what you wrote. Whatever the case, this can completely come off as a jumpsuit; I love it, Sarah. The photos are absolutely wonderful too!

    May | THE MAYDEN

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