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Lilac and Stripes

by Sarah on June 9, 2014, 3 comments

Lilac and Stripes// No Longer Grey Lilac and Stripes// No Longer Grey Lilac and Stripes// No Longer Grey

shirt- local, shorts- American Apparel, belt- Gap, necklace- gift, bracelet- thrifted, shoes- Converse

How beautiful are these lilacs? I was originally going to shoot this outfit in another location, but when I saw these, I just had to take the photos by them. My outfit isn’t terribly exciting, but it’s perfect for super hot days. The shirt was in the bottom of a five dollar bin at a local shop. I absolutely love the length of the sleeves- it’s just a very nicely proportioned top.

Funny story- There was a cow field opposite this lilac bush. One of the cows decided that I was her new BFF, and watched me take my photos. It was a bit intimidating to take photos in front of a cow that was watching me so intently!

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