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by Sarah on April 12, 2016, 7 comments

Maine // no longer greyMaine // no longer grey Maine // no longer grey Maine // no longer grey
Maine // no longer grey

shirt- thrifted, overalls- the Gap, shoes- Topshop

Maine is great because it’s full of the ocean and trees and moose, but also some of the best donuts ever and Monets in art galleries and french fries that are practically tear inducing because they’re so good. I was only there for three days, in which I wore almost the same thing: overalls, a rain coat, and a big sweater. Overalls are my go to travel pants because they’re comfortable, but they also look kind of fashion-y. And they’re good for impromptu trips onto big rocks on beaches. The sweater I’m wearing here is actually the dress from my last post, just tucked in. My raincoat is my one true love. It’s the perfect duck yellow, with a stripped interior and little pull tabs at the hood.

I’ve been traveling a lot in these past few weeks (Maine, NYC, and Philadelphia and DC to come), and haven’t been posting as much because of it. I’ll be back with a bunch of the outfits that I’ve been wearing while traveling, and some other new content. You can also always find me on Instagram, because, let’s face it, I’m an addict.

Also, huge thanks to Jessica and Mary for taking these photos!


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