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Midwinter July

by Sarah on January 21, 2018, no comments

shirt that is actually a body suit- c/o Tobi, pants- thrifted, shoes- Everlane, belt- thrifted (but it’s Céline)

IT FELT LIKE SUMMER TODAY!!! Which is concerning because it’s January and not July, and means we should all be very worried about the earth. It’s kind of hard to worry though while sitting out on one’s front stoop taking in the sun. Which I did my fair share of today. And I didn’t even need a jacket!

This outfit felt appropriately whimsical to celebrate the unseasonably warm temperatures. The shirt is actually a body suit from Tobi that I can’t wait to pair with jorts, a crisp white button down, and the accessories pictured here. It’s slinky and cool and very ballerina-y. The pants are these ridiculously voluminous pants I got in a thrift store that are more parachutes than actual bona fide legwear. I teamed them with some backless mules for more summer vibes, and white 60’s earrings. Oh, and a scarf. Who can forget the scarf (especially seeing as it’s tied front and center).

What’s your Midwinter-summer look?


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