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Never thought I would say this…

by Sarah on January 12, 2019, one comment

sweater- Everlane, jeans- Levi’s, shoes- Everlane

… but I’ve been craving color in my outfits lately. And I don’t think I’m the only one. Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, is a vibrant pinkey orange. Mustard, baby blue and blood reds have walked the runway in men’s fashion week. My instagram following feed has gone from minimalist black and white to sugarey pastels, dazzling sunset tones and bold jewel tones. The fashion world is emerging from color minimalism, and I love it. This sweater is a celebration of color, in a gorgeous sugary cool toned pink. It feels like wearing an eternal blush.

Will 2019 be the year of color?

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