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No Parking

by Sarah on January 26, 2018, no comments

shirt- thrifted, dress- c/o Tobi, shoes- Everlane, bag- thrifted, sunglasses- street vendor

The behind the scenes of these photos involve me squinting a lot, a man stopping his car on the street to watch the photoshoot progress, and me having to hold my leg up to get the last shot. Just to be totally transparent. Any preconceived notions of the glamour of fashion blogging that any onlookers may have had were quickly dashed with a blooper real of a photoshoot.

What is not a blooper real (great transition, I know) is this outfit. It’s very fashion blogger circa 2014 and the absolute opposite of je ne sais quoi. Je sais exactly what makes this outfit work: the piling on of accessories. There’s some adage about taking off one thing before one leaves in the morning to achieve effortless (or, let’s be real, French) style. This seems like it could easily get quite risqué. It also seems like a boring rule to live by. Sure, there are days when going to a café and sipping espresso wearing black satin cigarette pants, a white tee shirt and an Acne leather jacket seems like the ideal, but there are also days when going to a café and sipping a latte and wearing tassel earrings and red shoes and sunglasses the size of Mars and an amazing fancy Tobi little black dress and a striped shirt seems pretty great. Thank god multidimensionality in personal style exists.

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