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On Fire

by Sarah on March 15, 2017, one comment

on fire // no longer grey on fire // no longer grey on fire // no longer grey on fire // no longer greydress- me, shoes- Doc Martens, jacket- thrifted, belt- vintage

I hadn’t done a really *public* photoshoot in a while, and had almost forgotten what it is like to have people slow their cars as they pass because there’s some crazy girl taking photos. Always a fun time. The outfit is a bomber jacket I found at the Garment District in Boston, pure silk, and pretty windproof. I teamed it with a little black velvet dress that I made for a school formal (any plainish formalwear, in my experience, can be repurposed for everyday wear), and my docs. The belt was a last minute add, but it makes the outfit just that much more interesting, adding a dash of rocker and a tablespoon of western.

What’s your favorite way to rewear formal clothing?

One thought on “On Fire

  1. hahaaha….it’s funny cos it’s true. when you take photos in public, people look at you like they dont know what a photo is.


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