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Paddock Boots

by Sarah on February 7, 2017, no comments

paddock boots// no longer grey paddock boots// no longer grey paddock boots// no longer grey paddock boots// no longer greyjacket- Fidelity, scarf- Vintage, boots- Ariat

I think we can all agree that the clothing associated with horseback riding is pretty great. You’ve got your jodhpurs, you’ve got your little jackets with elbow pads, your plaid shirts and neck ties. But the footwear is really where it’s at. Without riding, would we have knee high boots? Cowboy boots? Or, my personal favorite, chelsea boots? These shoes were an accidental find. I knew I wanted black chelsea boots, and was four Amazon pages deep when I found them. They’ve got a front zip (practical and cute), a little heel, and stretchy uppers. And, magically, they’re water, mud, horse and salt proof. They’re actual paddock boots, made for mucking out stalls and tramping around in the barn. Worn as a fashion shoe, they let you look stylish and conquer mountains of grayish white snow that plague the northeast at this time of year. I highly recommend.

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