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Button Down Button Up

by Sarah on October 19, 2017, one comment

shirt- Aritzia, skirt- thrifted, shoes- thrifted

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was obsessed with tying shirts around my waist. I thought it was the end all be all of cool, the epitome of laid back style. By the time winter rolled around, I was tired of constantly having to readjust whatever I had tied around my waist, and was over it. However, past me maybe wasn’t completely stupid. I restyled a button down for this look, wearing it as a skirt. It’s a little more feminine than tying it over some high waisted jeans, but it gives the same laid back effect. This would be a great look with a striped button down as well; borrowed from the boys, but still quite feminine.


Waiting for the Train

by Sarah on October 17, 2017, one comment

dress- vintage J Crew (but here’s a super similar one on sale!), jacket- thrifted, shoes- Calvin Klein

A lovely little old lady who saw me taking these pictures said that I “sure looked like I had somewhere to be”. I actually did not, but this is just such a look that it does demand a circumstance. The dress is actually backwards, as I prefer the straight across neckline to its original v neck. It’s 100% cotton, which means that it holds its shape wonderfully, and drapes like a dream. And then we have the shoes, these darling, darling shoes. There’s honestly no other word for them.

Back in eighth grade, I wrote a research paper about the impact of fashion on our daily lives. Quite a topic, right? I ended up doing a lot of research about the history of fashion, and like so many before me, fell in love with the 1920’s look. And what’s a roaring twenties outfit without t strap shoes? I found these on super sale in Nordstrom rack, and for the life of me cannot find them anywhere else (okay, I actually found their sister shoe, and am starting to think the reason my pair were so on sale is because they don’t have a second strap). They have a wider toe box than most pointy toed shoes, and I’ve danced in them for four hours without wanting to cut my feet off, making them my favorite heels. Also, they just look like fashion blogger heels. Nothing screams liking to take endless photos of oneself in front of graffiti walls like tri-toned stilettos.

Self Timer

by Sarah on October 13, 2017, 2 comments

shirt- DIY, pants- the J List, shoes- Everlane, bag- Thrifted

As a fashion blogger, I’ve learned to embrace the art of the self timer. Though it is an art form that involves a lot of running, many out of focus shots, and lots of slowing of cars, it’s an art form that means one doesn’t have to drag a friend/ significant other/ random person into a photoshoot. It’s a one woman show.

Over time, I’ve gotten better with the self timer. It just takes lots of practice to focus, balance the aperture, adjust the lens, and then sprint in four inch heels over uneven ground to get a shot. These pictures were taken with a self timer. In a digital age where the market is saturated with incredible photos everywhere from Instagram to Vogue, it can seem daunting to go into a photoshoot without a team. We all have seen the behind the scenes photos of a photoshoot, and know portrait photography is hard. But it truly is possible to get a great shot without a lighting crew. I love these photos. I think they’re some of my best work. In no way are they technically perfect, but they make me happy. I hope you like them too.

Not A Halloween Costume

by Sarah on October 10, 2017, one comment

shirt-thrifted, pants- Levi’s, boots- Topshop, scarf- Céline, necklaces- thrifted

Happy halloween! Just kidding. Actually only sort of just kidding, because I look like an actual pirate in this. I found this shirt at a rummage sale, and couldn’t resist its pin tucks and billowy nature. I teamed it with my beloved Levi’s, which are beloved despite the fact that they don’t actually really fit (I recently have found a properly fitting pair of jeans from a brand whose name rhymes with shmeverlane, and there will be a review coming soon!) and have a hole in the back pocket from holding my phone. Such is life when you’re a millennial. The neckline of this blouse is practically begging for a necklace, so I put it out of it’s misery by layering some thrift store necklaces with it. And then I remembered that famous french fashion rule- before you leave the house, take one thing off, and then I remembered my American passport, and happily added a big scarf as a headband a la Serena Van der Woodsen. Sometimes, more is absolutely more.

Ra Ra Ruffles

by Sarah on October 7, 2017, one comment

shirt- & Other Stories, skirt- the J List, shoes- Topshop

Ra Ra skirts– you know, the little ones with frills and ties and all sorts of fluffy nonsense– were huge this summer. Here, I flipped the top part of a ruffly wrap dress down, and wore it as a skirt. Et voila! Two looks for the price of one. Actually, you could do the opposite as well, and just wear the top of a wrap dress, tucking in the bottom to some pants. That’s three! looks out of one dress. I came up with most of this on a recent trip to Chicago (for more on that, check out my instagram!) when I faced the inevitable “I have already worn all these clothes and now feel that I have nothing to wear” that occurs on most trips.

What’s your best travel style hack?