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Morning Coffee

by Sarah on November 20, 2017, 2 comments

sweater- the J List, trousers- Everlane, shoes- Everlane

Hi there! It’s been a minute. I’ve been adjusting to city living (read:  getting lost on the subway), and have been embracing getting out an exploring New York (spending an ungodly amount of time in bodegas) and haven’t been blogging (and instead have been binge watching season 2 of stranger things). Coming at you today to share a super simple outfit that ticks all my ideal comfy outfit boxes; comfortable, effortless, and layerable. It’s been pretty cold here in New York lately, and I’ve found the best way to combat that is through lots of layers. Here I’m wearing a puffy turtleneck sweater tucked into some amazing Everlane pans. They have a jogger silhouette, and are just as comfortable, but also have some zips that taper the leg in a way that is a) flattering, and b) makes you look like MC Hammer at a 2017 fashion week.

I would be remiss to go without talking about my boots. They are, quite frankly, boss boots. Which is funny, because they’re called the boss boots. They’re a pointy toed, pebbled leather dreamboat that I put on and haven’t wanted to ever take off. The thick heel makes for easy walking, the Italian leather makes for perfectly molded sides, and the ridiculously pointed toe is both witchy and utterly French. Plus they have a pull tab in the back, and shiny silver hardware. I mean, honestly, how much better can you get?



by Sarah on November 9, 2017, 3 comments


I moved?!

To New York. Just writing that seems absolutely insane.

Last year was my senior year of high school. By May first, I had decided on a college. I had even made a draft of a post to announce where I would be moving (SoCal!) . And then I got a call about a waitlist, and suddenly I wasn’t going to college in the fall. I wasn’t moving to California at the end of the summer. Instead, I was in limbo. As many longtime readers know, I’ve spent the past 8 years going to and working at a camp in Vermont. So I did that until the end of the summer, and then I went home and started my gap year.

I didn’t know what I was doing, or even what I wanted to be doing. I worked a lot, at a lovely little boutique near where I live (which if you’re ever in New Hampshire, you should definitely check out!). I wrote more posts for this blog than I ever had before. I started doing informational interviews and doing scary things like sending off resumes, looking at openings in LinkedIn, and trying to find something to do during my year.

Like most young, naive, overzealous people interested in fashion, at the forefront of my mind was moving to New York. I wanted to see what it would be like to live somewhere where there aren’t more cows than people, where there are runway shows and Condé Nast offices. I wanted to walk down the street and see more than a smattering of Patagonia and North Face. I applied at what felt like hundreds of places for jobs, internships, anything to shove my foot a little farther into the door of fashion.

Somehow, through a series of events I don’t understand, I got a job in New York. That was two weeks ago. Last Friday I picked up my things (let’s be real, mostly just all of my shoes) and moved to the city.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my apartment, hearing cars go by, people next door speaking Dutch, and my radiator make very scary noises. And it feels pretty great.

So here’s to the beginning of a new(ish) chapter in the life of No Longer Grey, in which I live in a place with more than one grafitti wall, and do my best to make it in New York.

As always, thank you all so much for your support. It truly means the world to me. Without all of you, and without No Longer Grey, I wouldn’t be in New York. I’m so excited to be here- regardless of if I’m here for one month or five, I’m here.


picture- 1

Angry Face

by Sarah on October 27, 2017, no comments

skirt- vintage, shirt- J Crew, boots- thrifted, bag- Lederer

I promise I’m not an angry person, despite what these photos might have you believe. The sun was in my eyes. Promise. I also swear that I don’t always dress like the Earl of Leicester. I only do that sometimes.


by Sarah on October 24, 2017, 2 comments

sweater- thrifted, pants- Everlane, shoes- Gap (on sale right now!)

There’s a sweater in the truly excellent book Code Name Verity described as a sort of wooly, orangey red pullover. My copy of the book has tragically gone missing, rendering me incapable of pulling out the exact phrase, but the sweater I’m wearing here seems to be the book sweater’s twin. It’s the pinnacle of what a sweater should be; comforting, cozy, and in a happy color. I found this one at a rummage sale a few years ago. Since then, it has weathered four months of campfires, living in the woods, and cold Vermont nights, college tours, photoshoots, and countless adventures. It’s a comfort blanket, a perfect partner to jeans and a fashion statement, all in one. I teamed it here with some lovely silk pants from Everlane, which made the outfit feel like one’s most comfortable pajamas. To make this look a little less bedtime chic, I added in a pair of heels I picked up from Gap. Honestly, they’re pretty amazing. Comfortable, but still sufficiently fashion-y. Just the right heel hight too.

Have any of you read Code Name Verity? If not, please do. If you have read it, then I can think of no better way to ending this post than “Kiss me Hardy! Kiss me quick!”


Button Down Button Up

by Sarah on October 19, 2017, one comment

shirt- Aritzia, skirt- thrifted, shoes- thrifted

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was obsessed with tying shirts around my waist. I thought it was the end all be all of cool, the epitome of laid back style. By the time winter rolled around, I was tired of constantly having to readjust whatever I had tied around my waist, and was over it. However, past me maybe wasn’t completely stupid. I restyled a button down for this look, wearing it as a skirt. It’s a little more feminine than tying it over some high waisted jeans, but it gives the same laid back effect. This would be a great look with a striped button down as well; borrowed from the boys, but still quite feminine.