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Dressed Up

by Sarah on June 2, 2018, no comments

dress- Everlane, shoes- Everlane

There’s something truly special about wearing a silk dress. It make everything feel just a little better! This season, I’m challenging myself to only buy clothing with really great fabric. That means cotton, silk, leather and linen. Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this up, but basics made with natural materials really do look better than their poly-blend counterparts. That’s not to say that manmade materials don’t have their place- some pieces have to be synthetics, because they need a little stretch or puff. But especially in hot weather, natural fabrics are an easy choice.


by Sarah on May 24, 2018, no comments

pants- Aritzia, shirt- Everlane, shoes- Everlane

Really have nothing to say, other than that these pants have dogs on them.

Also, I’ve been trying to figure out how to best wear this shirt for a while. It’s the silk square from Everlane. I bought it when I first moved to New York because I saw a woman absolutely rocking it and wanted to emulate her style. I like it, but I also don’t, and I’ve had a lot of trouble figuring out the right pants for it. Because it’s slightly cropped it doesn’t really stay tucked, and sometimes it just feels a bit too billowy. Any styling tips would be greatly appreciated!

What’s up with Glossier?

by Sarah on May 19, 2018, one comment

When I moved to New York, two things happened. First I learned the difference between a bodega and a corner store. Then I went to the Glossier showroom, along with every other woman aged 14-33 who lives in the greater Manhattan area.

I had looked at Glossier online for a while before I made the trip. I bought into the whole dewy, glowy, is-she-or-isn’t-she-wearing-makeup look. And working in a milennial centric artistic workplace, it seemed that everyone around me was a walking Glossier advertisement. So I succumbed to the glow.

Boy brow and haloscope were my first purchases. I bought boy brow in brown, despite being a strawberry blonde. I like my brows dark, and I wanted to use it to define the individual hairs, to avoid the 2014 blocky brows. I can’t use it quite as effortlessly as a true brunette could, because if I apply it to heavily, I look like I used a crayon on my brows, but I suspect that if I went with blonde I could do a little more intense application.

Rating: 7/10 brow hairs

Haloscope is pretty divine. It’s not sparkly nor chalky, and makes me feel happy. Plus it’s a big product, which is great, because I use a lot. I was tempted by all of the colors, but I got quartz.

Rating: 10/10 sparkly crystals

Next up I bought Generation G, which sounds like a new trendy name for people ages 10-20, but is actually a lipstick. I got it in fire truck red, also known as Zip. I have very chapped lips, always, and it doesn’t irritate them too much. It’s got buildable color too, so you can choose which way to go. The packaging is a little “meh” to me- it looks like crayola markers, but it’s not bad.

Rating: 8/10 firetrucks

Finally I got the stretch concealer. My skin is pretty good, but tends to get a little confused when I’m traveling. As I’ve moved 5 times this year, there have been moments. It’s nice. Definitely shiny, so if you have oily skin, beware. It does cover pretty nicely, without getting cakey nor fake looking. It’s like an IRL version of frequency separation in photoshop; it covers colors, not texture.

Rating: 7/10 drops of olive oil

Next up, I want to try their new mascara (which sparked this post), and lip gloss.

To talk about Glossier is to talk about more than the products. Like other brands targeted at younger people (those in Generation G?), they’ve got quite the business model. Photos that look like they might be taken with an iPhone. Referral codes for all. A pink based website, with skincare put first, then makeup. Greater diversity in skin color shown. Entering the showroom is like going into an instagram model’s room; everything is pink, covered in flowers, and primed for a photo op. It’s marketing, but done in a way that feels genuine.

Anyways, what are your thoughts? Worth the hype or just effective marketing?

Summer in the City

by Sarah on May 16, 2018, one comment

shirt- Zara, pants- Everlane, shoes- Everlane

Summer in New York goes a little like this: HOT. I was in the city a week ago and the 90+ degree weather was only exacerbated by the concrete and masses of people. You have three options in that kind of heat. You can leave the city (hopefully via the Hamptons), sunbathe on your roof, or get over it. Here’s a classic deal with it kind of outfit. The top is breathable, looks cute, and has a back, making sunscreen application much easier. Plus, it could definitely double as a swim shirt if you have to dive into a fountain in an attempt to recreate the Friends intro. The pants allow for maximum air flow and protect one’s legs from sweaty subway seats. The shoes are comfortable, and look cute. Seriously- they carried me from Brooklyn Heights to Gowanus to Union Square with narry a blister. Plus, they don’t show your toes, which is perfect, if, like me, you haven’t yet had a pedicure and your toes look like winter snails. Accessorize with an iced coffee and sunscreen.

What’s your summer in the city look?

3 Steps to Chic

by Sarah on May 11, 2018, no comments

Being fashionable seems like a great thing to be. It means trendy and up with the times and fabulous. It’s the sartorial equivalent of the perfect instagram photo, taken at Coachella, with an overpriced popsicle. Essentially, it’s great on the surface, but rather empty not far below. Being stylish, on the other hand, is being chic, staying true to one’s own personal style, and not pandering to trends. It goes a little deeper than just whatever Forever 21 and Zara have decided to mass produce (no shade to Forever 21 nor Zara- they have their time and place). But how does one achieve this deeper than surface level stylishness? Read on for my top three tips.

One. It may seem contradictory, but winnowing your closet to the essentials will actually make you feel as though you have more choice, not less. I’ve worked (and continue to do so) to create a closet full of clothing that goes together, with each garment fulfilling a certain roll. By creating a foundation of great basics, you can spend more time styling each piece, and less time staring into the wardrobe abyss wondering why you have absolutely nothing to wear. Bear in mind; basics don’t actually have to be, well, basic. One of my favorite “basic” piece is a red shoe. And while a red shoe isn’t the quintessential basic of a black pump, for me, it fulfills the same role of dressing up even the most basic outfit, and going from meetings to walking in the park. My current ‘capsule of ‘easy‘ is a 13 piece collection that 13 year old me put together. Here’s what’s in it: a grey wool coat, high waisted jeans, white button down, breton shirt, black pointy toed shoes, a white tee, party dress, grey t shirt, black flowy trousers, a graphic tee, high waisted shorts, a black tee, and black pointy toed boots.

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Two. Comfortable is chic. Not just that it’s significantly less glamorous to have to carry one’s shoes home than it is to plan and bring insoles, but also that it’s very easy to tell when someone is uncomfortable in an outfit, and it’s not a great look. I think it’s wonderful to embrace wearing clothing outside of your comfort zone. However, don’t be fooled by fashion magazines or Pinterest. If you don’t like it, or don’t feel your best, don’t wear it. There will always be days when your clothes just don’t feel right, but if that’s every day, it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul. Whenever I’m helping style someone, my first question is “how do you feel?” If the feeling is off, no matter how trendy the look is, it’s just not chic.

Three. Basic outfit on, it’s time to make like Elle Woods and bedazzle. If glittery rhinestones aren’t your thing, one, why? and two, pick some accessories that work for you. Regardless of your marital status, get some Tacori Engagement Rings at for a little bling. Tie a scarf round your neck/ wrist/ ankle/ purse strap. The accessories maketh the man. Sure, Chanel supposedly advised that in order to be chic, one must take off the last thing one put on before leaving the house. But to me, that seems like a potential pants-less nightmare, and advice that should be avoided.

What are your three steps to living a more chic life?