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Ra Ra Ruffles

by Sarah on October 7, 2017, one comment

shirt- & Other Stories, skirt- the J List, shoes- Topshop

Ra Ra skirts– you know, the little ones with frills and ties and all sorts of fluffy nonsense– were huge this summer. Here, I flipped the top part of a ruffly wrap dress down, and wore it as a skirt. Et voila! Two looks for the price of one. Actually, you could do the opposite as well, and just wear the top of a wrap dress, tucking in the bottom to some pants. That’s three! looks out of one dress. I came up with most of this on a recent trip to Chicago (for more on that, check out my instagram!) when I faced the inevitable “I have already worn all these clothes and now feel that I have nothing to wear” that occurs on most trips.

What’s your best travel style hack?


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