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by Sarah on September 3, 2019, no comments

Here’s what I’m wearing: some faded blue jeans that I tailored last year and recently rediscovered to be comfortable pants, a basic black tank top, Birkenstocks with more than a little dirt on them, two hair ties on my wrist, an assortment of rings, one half hoop earring and one white tiger.

I’ve been at college for a week. Moving in other people, moving in myself, remembering what it’s like to be here. It’s been good, fun, exciting, overwhelming at times but generally a state of happiness. Relearning being in a space as intense as college is like relearning the slouch of a favorite pair of pants, just how they like to be worn and how the waistband slings over your hips. 

It’s good- maybe not quite as good as my white tiger earring (named Benny) but good in a simultaneous fresh and well worn way.

Also new! New instagram handle. It’s one of the few actions I’ve taken on my internet self as of late. No blog posts. No editorial calendar. No instagram for a week (okay, so it hasn’t been that long, but that’s years of internet time). I took a break, didn’t feel guilty, and here I am. 

I changed my handle to clarify my voice. When I started No Longer Grey, I was incredibly careful to separate it from my real name, my hometown, any identifying factors that were a little too accurate. The internet is a big and scary place, and it was absolutely the right choice. But a few decisions along the way started merging myself and my blog, to the point that the two became indistinguishable. I talk about school here, talk about my blog at school. A screenshotted reminder, “What is honestly when your life is your brand?” brought me to the tipping point. For me, it feels more honest to remember that I’m a college student before blogger, a person before the brand. 

Also, in the very practical sense, I was tired of having to explain that my name isn’t Nolon Grey.

Other changes: I finished my internship, left New York. I made the best cake I have ever baked. I swam in the river, hiked, slept. I’m feeling rejuvenated (or maybe it’s the black tea I’m drinking).

I’m excited to see what the future holds. And as much as I’m sure it’s nothing like what I’m expecting, it’s still something I’m so grateful to get to shape every day.

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