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Rosy Glow

by Sarah on January 5, 2016, 13 comments

Shine On// no longer grey

Welcome to 2016! One of my blog-olutions (it’s officially a word now) was to improve No Longer Grey, and part of that means stretching myself. One thing I’ve never done on No Longer Grey is have a makeup post. I’ve always loved watching makeup tutorials online, but I’ve never actually worn a full face of makeup. I’ve never even owned a foundation. That’s not to say that other people should feel bad about the makeup that they wear! Makeup is an interesting thing. When used right, it’s like an accessory- it makes you feel happy, and just shows another version of yourself. Here, for my first makeup tutorial, I decided to focus on making a look that’s light, perfect for cozy winter nights with sweaters and good books, and just right for the new year: fresh, warm, and simple.

Shine On// no longer grey

First, I took to my moisturizer. For years, I’ve been using this lotion from Clinique. It’s great. When I’m feeling a little bit too much like Lady Cassandra O’Brien, I use some Eucerin Calming Cream, or Lush’s Dream Cream. I get horribly chapped lips in the winter, so I end up spending a lot of time reapplying chapstick. My favorite lip products are a combination of a peppermint lip balm, and Lush’s Sweet Lips lip scrub.

Shine On// no longer grey

I’m a natural strawberry blonde, and my eyebrows are pretty light, so I know I’ll never have Cara Delevingne’s dark brows. To play up what I’ve got, I used a touch of taupe from an E.l.f. eyebrow kit just to emphasize the arch. Then, I brushed through them, to keep from resembling the Lorax. Thirdly, I put on my best beauty guru face, and went in for the eyes. I have this gorgeous dusty rose color blush from Clinique that I used here all over the lid.  I brushed a little bronze from a cheap-o palette into my crease, and used a little bit of the pink from the blusher underneath my eyes as well, just to warm up the look. I finished the eyes up with a few swipes from Lush’s Eyes Right mascara, which smells like clean laundry and has yet to let me down.

Shine On// no longer grey

Here’s the fun part! I wanted to shine my way into the new year, so I used the highlighting color in the NYC eyeshadow palette to highlight the tops of my cheeks, above and below my eyebrow, my nose bridge, and my cupids bow. Strobing (just using highlighter, and no contour) gives a fresh, light look, perfect for a new year!

Shine On// no longer grey

Then, I patted a little bit of a dark berry color from a matte lipstick onto my lips, to leave a sort of lip stain. Finally, because it’s a new year, and glitter is the propper thing to welcome a new year in with, I used some unidentifiable lip gloss in the center of my lips, for a little shine. Then, because I really do love highlighter, I popped it over my cheekbones, for a little rosy shine.

Shine On// no longer grey

Et voila! Simple, fun, and nothing too crazy. Let me know what you think in the comments section! Want more beauty tutorials? Let me know. Never want to see another one? Tell me that too. Having a great day? Definitely tell me that!


13 thoughts on “Rosy Glow

  1. I love the lighting and color in these photos–the purple shadows add just the right touch of drama and intrigue. Your steps include just the right amount of detail, and the final product is stunning–very polished but still natural.

    Best of luck with your blog-olutions!

    imperfect idealist

  2. You look really aristocratic. Beautiful color of your hair and eyebrows make your skin shiny-white. Dark berry lipstick is just right for you. Doing tips on photo is nice way to explain.

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