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To Save x No Longer Grey

by Sarah on September 21, 2017, 2 comments

To Save, or not to save, that is the question… A company called ToSave recently sent me a few pieces to test out. Spoiler: it was a roller coaster, but the sort that only goes up.

Let’s start off with the worst. My least favorite was a little red romper that in theory is super cute. It’s got double straps, a v neck, and cinched waist. Sounds great, right? However, the fabric feels like melted plastic. I couldn’t for the life of me get the wrinkles out, but was not about to iron it, because I feared I would burn down the house. However, if you’re looking for something super cheap for a holiday party, this could be your piece. With a little styling (and if you’re brave enough to iron it), it could look like a million bucks.

The second piece I chose was a lovely off the shoulder top. It has a choker that matches the shirt and puffy sleeves. For a piece like this, buying cheap makes a lot of sense. Bardot tops were absolutely everywhere this summer. Are they a lasting trend? Personally, I think not, as I like to be able to raise my arms above my head without fear of my top turning into a less than glamorous potato sack. However, this shirt is a great trendy piece, and for $4.59, you really can’t beat the price.

The next piece was a camisole. It’s a lovely sheer, lacy number that fits the bills for those occasions when you want to wear “a nice top and jeans.” Is it perfect? No. The lace on the front is crooked (nothing a little seam ripping won’t fix, but it is nice when you buy something and it doesn’t immediately need to go under the knife). Here I’m actually wearing it backwards. Even though it’s ridiculously sheer, it’s still a great little shirt. I plan to wear it with a turtleneck underneath it as soon as the weather is cool enough so that I won’t die in the summer sun.

In addition to the clothing, I also got two necklaces. The first is one of those shoelace style necklaces that everyone in LA has been wearing. Honestly, it’s pretty cute. It’s made out of a faux suede, and has gold tips. Oh so cheap and oh so lovely. The second necklace is a wee marigold yellow choker. Again, To Save kind of nailed it. It’s simple, hasn’t broken, and looks pretty great. Plus, I’m a sucker for yellow.

All in all, To Save was actually pretty good. Don’t expect designer quality, but don’t expect a garbage bag masquerading as a dress. Would I order again? Perchance. Stick to things that you don’t care about what sort of fabric it is, and you’re golden! They also have everything from car chargers to fidget spinners, and have a sister site that sells hair extensions Big thanks to To Save for sending me these pieces. I will absolutely be wearing them again.

This post is sponsored, but opinions are my own. It’s a real review. Really.

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