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Secret Love Letter

by Sarah on March 5, 2019, no comments

Dear Pinterest,

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? One filled with fruity popsicles and beautifully filtered pictures of sunsets and the elusive perfect high cut bikini? Your endless supply of braids and dewey highlights and photography tricks never fail to inspire. Your interior decorating boards are wonderlands of raw ceramics and artfully hung prints. And plants. Seriously, what’s with the plants? You’ve got so many that it almost makes me forget that deforestation is probably going to kill us all.

I know you love me too. After all, it’s been eight years and you haven’t left me. And though I know I’m not the only pinner in your life, I’d like to think what we have is special. Every day you understand me better and better, sometimes sending me ads for things I just saw on youtube. Which begs the question, are you taking my data dear? I almost don’t mind, because with every scroll you prove that you just get me.

But soft, my love. For ours is a tryst. Though I know the splendid wonders within: just how pleasing it can be to find the perfect backstage runway photo to stare at, street style photos that seem effortlessly achievable, inspiring cat eye flicks, others don’t understand you like I do. They think you’re just for the middle aged suburban mom named Carol, with boards named “healthy school lunches” and pins entitled “Funny Cat LoL xD”. They don’t know your multidimensional self, how you’re so much more than just that. And honestly, everybody could stand for a little healthy lunch inspiration.

So just like the board that I pin haircuts I wish I was brave enough to get, you will remain my secret. My love, this is how it must be. I’m sure you understand.



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