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Self Timer

by Sarah on October 13, 2017, 2 comments

shirt- DIY, pants- the J List, shoes- Everlane, bag- Thrifted

As a fashion blogger, I’ve learned to embrace the art of the self timer. Though it is an art form that involves a lot of running, many out of focus shots, and lots of slowing of cars, it’s an art form that means one doesn’t have to drag a friend/ significant other/ random person into a photoshoot. It’s a one woman show.

Over time, I’ve gotten better with the self timer. It just takes lots of practice to focus, balance the aperture, adjust the lens, and then sprint in four inch heels over uneven ground to get a shot. These pictures were taken with a self timer. In a digital age where the market is saturated with incredible photos everywhere from Instagram to Vogue, it can seem daunting to go into a photoshoot without a team. We all have seen the behind the scenes photos of a photoshoot, and know portrait photography is hard. But it truly is possible to get a great shot without a lighting crew. I love these photos. I think they’re some of my best work. In no way are they technically perfect, but they make me happy. I hope you like them too.

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