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Serendipitous Shopping

by Sarah on May 7, 2017, no comments

Serendipitous Shopping// no longer greyI had just come off of a red eye flight, was jammed into the bowels of London’s underground, and hadn’t slept in 26 hours when I saw them. Red suede, block heel, back zip. They were dream boots that I hadn’t known I’d been dreaming of until we met. They seemed to almost glow amid the sea of practical black and brown shoes. But before I could ask the girl wearing them where they were from, she went bounding up the escalator, lost to the hustle and bustle of central London.
A week later, while in the basement of the Oxford Street Topshop, I felt a calling. I’ve previously scored amazing shoes in Topshops (actually, red block heeled shoes. But we can leave my obsession with red suede for another day). Sure enough, in the basement of the Topshop I saw the boots, shining as brightly as they had before.

They didn’t have my size.

The next day, thanks to the Topshop in store pick up option, a very nice salesman who fished out one of the shoes from the window display, and my wonderfully patient parents, I ended up buying the last size 6.5 in all of London.
I’ve had more than my fare share of shopping luck. Once I scored a pair of mules that I’d had my eye on for a year for 75% off. Another time I managed to buy a gorgeous Reformation dress once it was double marked down. There are ways to increase your chances of the perfect purchase- email lists for companies you care about (I have J Crew, Reformation and Glossier in this category), shopping around, and discount stores all help. But honestly, I think the majority is luck and positive manifestation.

Serendipitous Shopping// no longer grey


What’s been your luckiest buy?

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