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How to Dress for a Shopping Trip

by Sarah on July 26, 2018, no comments

It’s it ironic that you have to get dressed to shop for more clothes. And not only that, but in designer stores, you’re often expected to dress up to buy new things! Weird. But the right outfit can actually make a shopping expedition much more fun, and much easier. Here are my favorite tips!

The shoes maketh the man, but if you’re hitting the streets of the big city for too long, the shoes maketh the man very uncomfortable. Ditch the strappy sandals and anything with a heel that could be used as a pickaxe. This is the moment for sneakers, ankle boots and vaguely geriatric sandals. Also consider how long it takes you to take the shoe off, and  And if a pair of shoes makes your feet sweat. All I’m saying is that nobody wants to touch a foot coming out of a steamed up vinyl boot. Plus, hot feet = swelling = inaccurate shoe sizing.

As far as clothing goes, tailor your outfit to your shopping venue. If it’s a crazy sample sale, tight fitting clothes you can put things on over is the way to go. If you’re trying to get a Birkin, your best bet is probably head to toe designer. Certain designer stores expect their clientele to dress a certain way. It’s ridiculous, so feel free to rebel, but it can also be fun to pretend you’re Carrie Bradshaw.

My go to look is high waisted pants and a tee. Since i normally wear a high waist, I can get a better sense of what tops will look like with a belly button grazing pair of pants. A tee shirt looks great with just about anything. In cooler weather, I’ll go for a denim and blazer look and throw on an oversized blazer for a touch of sophistication but easy on-offs. As a fashion blogger, I’m a huge fan of the dressing room mirror selfie, so I try to keep my outfit instagram friendly. I’m cringing even writing that.

Make yourself look nice, but not too nice. When you’re trying on clothes, a good baseline is key. The goal is to look like you look every other day of your life. Stick with  casual hairstyles, because nothing can ruin a Pinterest-worthy braid like trying on a turtleneck. For makeup, wear what you usually wear, with two caveats; steer clear of bright lipsticks or lots of foundation. Don’t go leaving red kisses all over white silk blouses.

Accessories should also be chosen for the shopping occasion. If you’re going wedding ring shopping, wear your engagement ring (or you could just click here for james allen reviews and never step a foot outside home). If you’re buying a prom dress, bring your heels. My go to accessory is a canvas tote bag, so that I don’t have to lug around a bunch of shopping bags (nor create the ensuing waste). In addition, wear (or pack! Remember that canvas tote bag I was talking about?) a mini styling kit. Some hair elastics, a belt, a little scarf and some socks are great things to bring on a shopapalooza.

What’s your go to shopping outfit?


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