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Spring and a Picnic

by Sarah on April 28, 2017, one comment

Spring and a Picnic// Spring and a Picnic// Spring and a Picnic// Spring and a Picnic// 131689300015_14A

Spring has just begun here in New Hampshire. The other day, my friends and I had a first day of spring picnic, to soak up the sun and welcome in the season. To me, picnics feel like summer. Whenever I go hiking, which is typically in the middle of the July, I always pack a lunch and have a little picnic at the top of the mountain. However, my picnic lunches are typically more of a squished PB&J and lightly dented apple deal than beautiful gourmet spread. Before I found Love Picnics, I wasn’t even aware that something like a beautiful gourmet picnic basket actually existed. Love Picnics reviews picnic baskets, so that you can get one that you’re sure won’t a) break mid hike when you’re scaling a rock face, b) won’t let your egg salad sandwiches get overheated and c) make you look like a picnic queen. They also have gift baskets, if your picnic crew is more of the backyard picnicking sort. They’ll help you make the perfect pick(nic)!

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