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Summer in the City

by Sarah on May 16, 2018, one comment

shirt- Zara, pants- Everlane, shoes- Everlane

Summer in New York goes a little like this: HOT. I was in the city a week ago and the 90+ degree weather was only exacerbated by the concrete and masses of people. You have three options in that kind of heat. You can leave the city (hopefully via the Hamptons), sunbathe on your roof, or get over it. Here’s a classic deal with it kind of outfit. The top is breathable, looks cute, and has a back, making sunscreen application much easier. Plus, it could definitely double as a swim shirt if you have to dive into a fountain in an attempt to recreate the Friends intro. The pants allow for maximum air flow and protect one’s legs from sweaty subway seats. The shoes are comfortable, and look cute. Seriously- they carried me from Brooklyn Heights to Gowanus to Union Square with narry a blister. Plus, they don’t show your toes, which is perfect, if, like me, you haven’t yet had a pedicure and your toes look like winter snails. Accessorize with an iced coffee and sunscreen.

What’s your summer in the city look?

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