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The Collection

by Sarah on April 5, 2015, 8 comments

Two weeks ago, I started on the biggest sewing project that I’ve ever done. I sewed a five piece clothing collection, which may not sound like a lot of sewing, but I worked for 50+ hours on it. the collection// no longer grey

I already wore these pants in this post because I couldn’t resist. They’re comfortable and easy to pair with things, and walk the line between J. Crew and Free People. I’m kind of obsessed with them, and their extreme high waisted ness + brass buttons.the collection// no longer grey

This was the last piece I made, out of the same fabric as the pants. It’s a tank top thing thats kind of strappy and looks like the top to a prom dress. When worn with the pants, it looks like a jumpsuit which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT because I really like jumpsuits. Like, I really like jumpsuits.the collection// no longer grey

Here’s the dress! I couldn’t get great photos because I was holding the hanger with one hand and the dress in another, but these are some pictures of the top (and the ruffle). I wanted to incorporate a more athletic piece, and so BOOM this piece was born, though kind of on the fly). The waffle textured silk went so freaking well with this suede that I couldn’t resist putting them together, despite that the dress originally looked totally different. I’m so pleased with the end result. Also, the ruffle at the bottom makes it so fun to walk in. Like, so fun.the collection// no longer grey

Here’s the skirt! this was probably the easiest piece, as it required the least amount of tailoring. It’s kind of tennis-skirt-y, but the raw edges (I left a lot of raw edges in this project. It was on purpose- the selvedges looked so darn pretty I just couldn’t cut them off. Plus no hemming = very happy Sarah) and the suede keep if from going too field hockey skirt. The tab closure is probably my favorite part- there’s the zipper, which is then covered by the tab, wich closes with a snap, and then a hook and eye closure at the top that may or may not be made out of an earring and a jump ring.

the collection// no longer grey

I could not photograph this. But basically, it’s a shirt out of this delicate material (a bit like a more delicate linen), with a lace collar and pin tucks. It looks like a nightshirt in the best possible way. Also, it looks great backwards.

What do you guys think? Have you ever sewed clothing? Let me know!

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