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The New Look

by Sarah on June 13, 2017, no comments

The New Look// no longer grey The New Look// no longer grey The New Look// no longer grey The New Look// no longer greydress- vintage J Crew, shoes- Calvin Klein

There have been two true revolutions in fashion. The first was during the French Revolution, in which skirts went from big enough that two women couldn’t pass in a doorway to much more practical silhouettes, practically overnight. The second came in 1947, when Christian Dior released his “New Look” collection. This dress is a modernization of Dior’s flared skirt, feminine vision. It’s got the nipped in waist, longer bell skirt, and a gorgeous blue paisley. It’s the sort of dress that changes the way you walk. It’s impossible to slouch in.

The shoes also definitely change the way I walk. I bought them in Nordstrom rack, and they’ve weathered my birthday, two proms, and a graduation. I call them my rain heels, because they are patent and can’t be hurt by a little drizzle. In this look, they serve to keep my legs looking long, as a midi can be a harsh length on anyone not of Karli Kloss proportions.

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