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The Pink Shirt

by Sarah on December 2, 2018, one comment

shirt- thrifted Gold Hawk, jeans- thrifted Lawman

Some clothing pieces can only be described in 1950’s era language. This shirt is one of those, because it’s simply divine. It’s a late afternoon coffee (invigorating) followed by a long walk in the city (chilly but beautiful) and a night in with a face mask and bubble bath (indulgent). It’s made of buttery silk and little tiny Marie Antoinette-esq fabric covered buttons. I fell in love the moment I saw it, added a few stitches to make it fit better, and promptly didn’t wear it for several months.

Because as divine as this shirt is, it’s also fussy. It’s got tiny little straps that are impractical for all but the hottest of weather but it needs to be paired with a big pair of pants to balance out its delicate proportions. The time it can be practically worn is limited to three days a year. I also wasn’t quite sure about the color. The pink is truly¬†divine, but not a color I know what to do with. So I let it sit in my closet, brought it to college only because I felt bad that I hadn’t worn it in two months of ownership.

But then I woke up one day and it didn’t seem like an impractical object, but rather like the only practical piece in my closet, the only thing I wanted to wear. I put a big sweater on over it, but wore the pink shirt for the entire day. And it felt amazing, lovely, divine.

Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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