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Trend Trifecta

by Sarah on October 1, 2017, 4 comments

shirt- DIY, pants- thrifted, shoes- Everlane

Don’t ask me why I look so angry in the fourth photo. I promise I’m not actually an angry person, despite the red hair.

I’ve been loving the super simple little tank tops that have been populating my instagram and Bloglovin’ feed this year. Cut straight across, with tiny little straps (or no straps at all), these minimalistic shirts are perfect for pairing with more voluminous trousers. Sure, the non Man Repeller look would be to go for some skintight jeans, and maybe a stack heel, but this is fashion we’re talking about. Why go sleek when you can go loud? I could practically write a love letter to these pants anyways. Think sweatpants that you can wear to work. Plus, the dusty rose color is popular enough that it managed to get a new name- millennial pink. I’ve been especially liking these pants with super simple shoes, like these amazing ones from Everlane. They fit the backless slide bill, but also manage to make anything look just a little more chic. All in all, this is one of the trendier outfits I’ve shown here, as it checks simple tank top, dusty rose anything, and backless shoes off all in one fell swoop. What’s your trendiest look?


4 thoughts on “Trend Trifecta

  1. I am in love with that top!! It is so beautiful and just reminds me of modern art – I’ve never actually seen anything like it before (I happen to fall behind with fashion trends lol) but you are totally rocking it ❤️


  2. The dusty rose colour of these trousers is so beautiful, I’m not surprised this colour has earned itself a new and modern-day name! Looking very stylish!

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