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Turtleneck Addict

by Sarah on February 6, 2019, no comments

sweater- Everlane, pants- thrifted, boots- Everlane

Sometimes I look at my crew necks and think “this would just be a lot better if it covered my neck.” Because it’s not enough to be covered from collarbone to wrist. I want that full, chin to midpalm cover that only a great turtleneck sweater can provide. It’s warmer. It’s more practical (layering can get weird with a crew neck). It gives me something to tuck my split ends into, or half of my face if I do something embarrassing. A turtleneck is like a portable safety blanket, designed to cuddle and coddle its wearer. This one is a wool cashmere one, meaning it’s both extra warm and stiff enough to really cover up my whole entire neck. Plus, it’s the ultimate après-ski sweater, perfect for sitting by the fire and feeling outdoors-y while looking J Crew catalogue-y. And no neck monster-y.

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