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Unnecessary Belt

by Sarah on July 22, 2017, no comments

Reader// no longer grey Reader// no longer greyReader// no longer grey

pants- Everlane, shirt- Everlane, shoes- Topshop

You guys! These PANTS! I love that pant silhouettes are going away from the thigh crushing into the voluminous, but it can be hard to style wide legged pants because you run the risk of looking like you’re drowning in fabric. These Everlane pants hit the nail on the head in terms of shape (slightly cropped, mid rise, fitted at the top, straight and wide all the way down). The stripes make them a dream to style, because stripes are basically a neutral, right? To go with them, I piled on every orange accessory I own. I only own two. But I tried! I’ve waxed poetic about these shoes enough already, but the belt is a new addition. My grandmother gave it to me, and it’s truly beautiful. It adds a touch of color, a touch of whimsey, and a touch of irony, as these pants don’t even have belt loops, and the elastic waistband renders any belt totally unnecessary. But is an outfit even an outfit if there isn’t something totally unneeded in it?

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