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by Sarah on October 30, 2018, no comments

pants- Everlane, shirt- Zara

A cozy day in.

I once read a fashion theory that your ideal style is the way you dressed as a child. I vividly remember wearing and owning a pair of flaming hot pink corduroy pants. I’m pretty sure I did not like them, but with the resurgence of corduroy, I’m suddenly envious of my 7 year old self, and I’m reconsidering my entire childhood wardrobe. My triangle coat, overalls, red shoes, yellow raincoat — all are slightly more grown up iterations of pieces I used to have. Lately all the pieces I’ve been gravitating towards the most are evolutions of my ur-clothing.

These ur-pants really are great. They’re a straight leg version of Everlane’s wide leg crop pants, and have a wonderful thick corduroy feeling. I teamed them with my favorite black turtleneck, a Zara piece from four years ago. The outfit felt deliciously fall, especially with a cup of hot cider and a grey day accompanying.

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