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by Sarah on January 29, 2020, no comments

shirt- Reformation, jeans- Levis, shoes- Primark, jacket- Gap

My professor yesterday turned up to the first class in a double breasted pin striped blazer, enormous tortoiseshell glasses with light-adaptive lenses, and two enormous silver rings on each of his pinkies. While he talked, he would clasp his hands, the metal covering the bottom third of each. Frankly, I’m not sure if it was the lecture on immersing oneself into conflict and literature rather than taking a peripheral view, the reading list, Du Bois, Rhys, Morrison, Coetzee, or the outfit that made me want to take the class.

I love thinking about why people where what they wear. The pinstriped blazer was an updated take on an old tweed look. Professional. The glasses could have been a functional choice. Enormous and statement making, the clear-to-sunglasses is, if nothing else, utility. But the rings. Those were just plain cool.

Right now I’m wearing a puff sleeved blouse, because I never wear it. I’m the worst at wearing pieces I think are beautiful. They always seem too fussy. I can play off a nice sweatshirt as utility, but a puff sleeved is simply not useful to anybody. If its only use is to make me non-naked and to be beautiful, it feels like something that needs to be kept as special.

But I feel nice. I feel fun. I feel like Anne of Green Gables in her first puffed sleeve dress. Begone utility! Let me enjoy my aesthetics in peace. Let me gain use out of the beautiful.

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